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Canada's health care system required to be held responsible
Cathartic method
Patient asked to recall and relive past traumatic experiences to feel the emotions so they can have ease
Community psychology
A therapy approach where prevention is emphasized. We seek out problems in the person before they need to come to us for them.
Community treatment order
A law where if a patient meets the requirements for treatment they must be let out
Where mentally ill patients are able to come out of confinement and have treatment in the real world
Evidence-based treatment
Treatment that has been proven to work well through experimental processes
General paresis
Mental illness characterized by paralysis and insanity

Death in 5 years

Germ theory of disease
The theory that disease sparks from infections caused by germs
Provincial psychiatric hospital
A facility where chronic patients are treated that have more complex disorders
The field concerned with the nature and development of abnormal behaviour, thoughts and feelings
Negative thoughts by a patient with a mental illness where they characterize themselves as bad because they have a disorder
Development from bodily origins
Reducing the number of people in psychological institutions and transferring them to other institutions such as hospitals
Action (behavioural) therapies
Another term for behavioural therapy
Authoritarian parenting
A highly controlling and rigid form of parenting
Authoritative parenting
Parents are controlling but have rationale behind their demands

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