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NCO promotion board


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Physical Fitness
FM 21-20
Military Customs/Courtesies
FM 22-5, AR 600-25
Drill and Ceremony
FM 3-21.5
AR 623-3
FM 3-11
Wear and Appearance of the Military Uniforms
AR 670-1
Awards and Decorations
AR 600-8-22
M16A2 Rifle
FM 3-22.9
First Aid
FM 4.25-11
Weight control
AR 600-9
Miliary Justice
AR 27-10
Your Mask will not work against...?
Ammonia Vapors and Carbon Monoxide
Chemical Agents come in 4 diferent states:
Vapor, Solids, Liquids, Gases
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
Is a line with on element in depht
is a column with one element of the front
Team Building stages
Formation Enrichment Sustaintment
7 steps of problem solving
ID the problem Gather information Develop criteria Possible solution Analyze solutions Compare them Make and implement a decision
Core Leader Competences
Leads, Develops, Achieve
Levels of leadership
Direct organizational Strategic
Sexual harrasment
AR 600-20
The two types of fractures
Open and close
Wear and appearance of army uniforms
Some ethnic observances:
Feb- Black History May- Asian pacific sep-oct hispanic Nov- Native American
Some special commemorations
3rd Monday in Jan Martin Luther King March Women history month Aug 26 Woman equality day
Single Scope Background Investigation
Who is the only person in both your chain of command and the NCOsupport channel?
Your firt line supervisor
AR 600-85
ACS AR is?
AR 608-1
ACES Army Community Education System
AR 621-5
What are the goals of ACES?
-Develop Competen leaders -Support Retention and transition of soldiers -Provides self development opportunities for soldiers and adult framily members
What AR covers the Army Emergency Relief?
AR 930-4
7 types of NCOERS
Annual Change of Rater Relief for Cause Complete the Record 60 Day Rater Option 60 Day Senior Rater Option Temporary Duty, Special Duty, of Compassionate Reassignment
What is the minimum period of time for rater qualification?
3 Rated Months
DA 4652
Counceling Form
What are the 4 human needs
Physical Social Religion Psychological
DA 705
PT card
DA 3359
Key Roster
DA 5513-R
On a military vehicle, what rank gets out first
The highest rank gets out first
What MOPP stands for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
Maximum efective range of m-16A2
Maximum efective range of a pointed target of m-16A2
550 meters
Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the US Army
Who is the secretary of defence
HON Robert Gates
4 types of burns
Electrical, Thermal, chemical, laser
if a solfiers must go back to the weight control program within 12 months he...
can be subject for separation unless the gain of weight is due to medicall reasons
What are the 3 leaderhsip aproaches
direct indirect combination of both
AR 930-5
Red cross
EO policy...
The US ARMY will provide EO and fair treatment without taking race, gender or religion
DA Form 2166-8

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