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Automacity of attricutions

How automatic is an attribution?

Very automatic

Attributions are pattern matching

Types of social information how we make predictions about people
1. Behaviour
2. Context
3. Schemas

Behavioural input (Two types)
1. Verbal behaviour
2. Nonverbal behaviour
Verbal behaviour
What we say
Nonverbal behaviour and two types
1. Emblems - Gestures that have well-understood meaning within a culture

2. Thin slices - an approach within psychology focused on the attributional power of brief exposure to others

Making an inference about someone based of brief exposure to them

Thin slices studies

- Behavioural correlates of SES:

- Categorization of ambiguous groups:

- 2 people take a quiz; results that naïve observers accurately detected participants income, mothers’ education and subjective SES;

- Can you categorize person from their face alone? Yes!

It matters, provides additional input and can completely change attribution
What you expect is what you get
An explanation for an observed behaviour of a social object
Mind perception
The process by which people attribute humanlike mental states to various animate and inanimate objects, including other people

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