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Econ 308 small deck 2


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Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning
prolonged and often bitter dissension or rivalry among members of a group or organization
Capable of changing or being changed; in a state of flux, not static
: to establish a mutual or reciprocal relation between
adverse selection
Insurance firm's acceptance of applicants who are uninsurable (or at a greater than normal risk), but conceal or falsify information about their actual condition or situation. Approval of their application has an 'adverse' effect on insurance companies, because normal insurance premiums are computed on the basis of policyholders being in average good health and employed in non-hazardous environments
risk aversion
Investor attitude according to which the value (utility) of a sure chance (certain prospect) with a lower yield is considered higher than the utility of an unsure chance (uncertain prospect) with a higher yield.
: a consideration, principle, or influence (as of conscience) that impels to moral action or determines moral judgment
: to evade the performance of an obligation or to go quite about
something that is marginal, additional, or secondary to some activity, process, or subject

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