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What is a requirement for military explosives?
Raw materials must be cheap.
Volatility is the tendency of a substance to produce?
The rate of transformation for high explosives is between?
3,200 and 28,000 feet per second
The tendency of a substance to burn with a rapid and sparkling combustion is called?
What are the detonation products?
Heat, Light, Gases, and pressure.
How do we classify explosive train primers?
By the way they are initiated.
How can you increase the penetration effect of a shaped charge?
Increase standoff distance.
For what purpose do we use a shaped charge?
To produce an explosive penetration of a solid object.
The four factors that control the visibility of pyrotechnics are?
Candlepower, color, weather, and light.
Name two types of effects for signals?
Light and Smoke.
What pyrotechnic effect is produced by the AN-MK13 Signal?
Smoke and Flare.
How is the A/P25S-5A distress signal kit ignited?
Percussion Primer.
How much light does the M127A1 signal produce?
50,000 candlepower.
What effects do the booby-trap simulators provide?
Flash, Illumination, and a Whistling Sound.
What is the largest caliber ammunition that we classify as "small arms"?
Caliber .50
What shotgun round is the exception to the gauging principle?
What hazard is involved in using blank ammunition?
The wad can cause injury.
What are the components of a typical small-arms cartridge?
Cartridge case,primer,bullet, and propellant.
Name three classifications of Air Force grenades?
Service, Practice, and Training.
What type of explosive filler does an M26 fragmentation grenade have?
Composition B.
What substance is the explosive filler for the M30 practice grenade?
Black Powder
Which chemical filler is used in the AN-M8 smoke grenade?
Which mine do we commonly call the "claymore"?
How far in front of an M18A1 mine do we consider inside the danger zone?
250 meters
How much force is required to function the M14 anti-personnel mine?
20 to 35 pounds.
What mortar can be broken down into several smaller loads for easier carrying?
What color is the most common for military safety fuze?
What device is used to intiate time fuse?
M60 Igniter.
What substance is the M112 demo block made of?
Compostion C-4
The main types of fuze actions are?
Impact, Time, and proximity.
Where is a proximity fuze placed on the bomb?
In an electronically timed fuze, what component replaces the arming vanes used in mechanically timed fuzes?
Electric charging assembly
The design of which safety feature is to prevent movement of the arming heads, arming stems, and strikers while the fuze is being handled?
Cotter pins
What adapter booster is used with the M904 fuze?
Where in a bomb body is the M905 fuze installed?
The tail fuze well.
The FMU-54 series tail fuzes are used in?
MK80-series general-purpose bombs with an air inlatable retarder.
With electrical fuzes, what device is used in place of arming wire?
Battery-firing device.
How can you tell when an FMU-124A/B fuze is armed?
The safety pin is removed and the release shaft is extended
What setting causes the FMU-139A/B fuze to abort and not arm?
"Low-Drag Arm Time" knob set to the "X" position.
What component provides the electrical power needed to operate the FMU-139A/B fuze?
FZU-48/B initiator
What provides the electrical power needed to operate the FMU-143 series fuze?
FZU-32 series fuze initiator
Where are proximity sensors/fuzes installed on a bomb?
Which sensor is a radio-frequency radar ranging system used with the suspension utility unit (SUU)64/B,65/B,66/B dispensers?
What does HOF stand for on the FZU-39/B proximity sensor?
Height of function
Which proximity fuze has a height-of-burst (HOB) setting built into the fuze at the time of manufacture?
What component is used to adapt a nose fuze for an M-series bomb?
Adapter booster
Which fin provides a high-drag, low altitude bombinb capability for the M117 bomb?
What air inflatable retarder (AIR) is used on the MK84 bomb?
Which bomb is not classified as a penetrator?
What type of bomb is the BLU-113?
4,000 pound penetrator bomb
What bomb is filled with a thermobaric explosive?
What bomb is used as the warhead in the GBU-28C/B?
What is the M129 Bomb used for?
Deliver propaganda leaflets used to persuade the enemy to surrender.
What suspension utility unit (SUU) does the PDU-5/B utilize?
The BLU-126/B is identical to the?
MK82, 500 pound bomb.
What is the net explosive weight (NEW) of the BLU-126/B?
27 pounds
What is the weight of the BDU-33 series practice bomb?
25 pounds
What is the weight of the BDU-48 series practice bomb?
10 pounds
The BDU-48/B resembles the ballistics of the?
MK82 high drag munitions
Which submunitions are loaded into a CBU-87 cluster bomb?
BLU-97 bomblets
The major physical difference between the CBU-87/B and the CBU-89/B cluster bombs is the?
CBU-89/B does not have canted fins
How many different types of bomblets are loaded into a single CBU-89/B cluster bomb at one time?
Which suspension utility unit (SUU) dispenser does the CBU-97 cluster bomb use?
Against what types of targerts is the CBU-97/B primarily used?
How do we classify 20 millimeter (mm) ammuntion?
How do we CLASSIFY 20 (MM) Ammo?
According to its purpose
Which part of the target practice 20 millimeter (MM) round is inert?
What is one significant difference in 20 (mm) ammuntion compared to other cannon ammunition?
The electrically fired primer.
What M505-series fuze safety feature prevents accidental arming during handling?
Fuze is bore safe.
The identifying information on a 20 (MM) round of ammunition is marked on the?
What will not cause the electrical primer in 20 (MM) ammunition to be fired accidentally?
Proper handling.
What aircraft cannon fires the 25 (MM) round?
When 25 (MM) ammunition is bulk-packed, how many rounds do you expect to find in a CNU-405 container?
80 or 100
What device holds the ball rotor of the 30 (MM) M505A3 impact fuze in an unarmed position until it is fired?
Lock ring
What is the purpose of the 30(MM) dummy ammuntion?
Familiarization training and mechanical cycling of the gun system.
What material is the 30 (MM) cartridge case made of?
What fuze is used in 30(MM) high explosive incendiary ammuntion?
How many lot numbers can you expect to find on a 30 (MM) round of ammunition?
Name the components of a 40 (MM) round?
Primer,Cartridge Case,Propellant charge,Projectile, and Fuze
What is the total number of rounds the MK1 ammunition box hold?
What do we mean when we say the 105 (MM) is "fixed" ammunition?
The propellant charge is not adjustable.
What type of explosive is loaded in the projectile of the 105 (MM) high explosive round?
Comp B.
Approximately how many fragments will the high fragmentation PGU-45/B projectile produce?
What is the factory set height of burst (HOB) for the FMU-160/B fuze to optimize lethality?
What are the components of the 105 (MM) round?
Cartridge case, propellant charge, primer, projectile, and fuze.
What major aircraft sytems carry countermeasure flares?
All major tactical, bomber, and cargo aircraft.
Which impulse cartridge intiates the MJU-7/B flare?
What does the SD-206 infrared flare do?
Provides smoke to simulate a flare for training purposes.
Which component is part of the ALE-50 series towed decoy system?
Launch controller.
Which impulse cartridge does the RR-170 chaff cartridge use?
The LUU-2 series aircraft flare procedures?
Two million candlepower for an average burn time of five minutes.
What output does the LUU-5/B target marker produce?
Green light.
What impulse cartridge supplies the gas pressure to launch the flares from the SUU-25E/A dispenser?
ARD 863-1
The gas pressure produced by the impulse in an SUU-25 ejects the flare at a speed of approximately?
65 feet per second.
What are intiators designed to do?
Supply gas pressure to operate other cartridge-activated devices.
What are catapults used for?
Ejecting a seat and crew member safely from an aircraft.
What are removers designed to do?
Eject aircraft canopy.
What are the two types of impulse cartridges?
Explosive and Non-explosive.
When using a drill, the first thing you do is?
Make sure the diameter of the hole to be drilled is within the capacity of the drill.
Which diameter (in inches) electric saw blade is the most common found in maintenance activities?
An electric saw's blade must be operating at what speed before it contacts the material being cut?
How many pounds per square inch (psi) of clean, dry air are required at the tool end of the air hose to ensure safe and efficient operation of the tool?
Which pneumatic impact tool is designed for installing or removing nuts and bolts?
At what variation in pounds of pressure, while using an impact wrench, can the excess pressure become serious?
What is the most common type of sling used in your everyday job?
Wire Rope.
Hoist hooks must be replaced when they have more than?
15% in excess of normal throat opening or more than 10% twist from the plane.
The common practice that applies to any meter is always?
verify that power is off when connecting the meter.
Which meter is a four-wire Kelvin digital ohmmeter used for testing AIM-9 and the AIM-120 missile system?
Which tester is a stable precision instrument designed primarily for the testing of solid-fuel rocket motor igniter bridge wire circuitry?
The maximum load capacity of the MHU-141/M trailer is?
5,500 pounds.
The steering system on the MHU-141/M trailer has a turning radius of?
200 inches
When the MHU-141 trailer is loaded or towed with the hinged deck open, what must be done?
The two deck-panel supports must be properly positioned and locked in place with quick-release pins.
The parking brake on the MHU-110/M trailer affects how many wheels?
Four inboard rear wheels.
What is the maximum capacity of a pair of rail extender assemblies used with the MHU-110/M?
3,000 pounds.
How many trolley and chock assemblies are supplied with the MHU-110/M?
20 Trolleys and 40 Chocks.
What is the maximum load capacity of the MHU-226 trailer?
12,000 pounds.
How many openings are on the deck of the MHU-226 trailer?
What ensures the smooth transfer of HCU-6/E pallets from a rollerized trailer to an aircraft/K-loader?
An adjustable ramp.
The moving of munitions and weapons from one base to another, depot to base, or base to depot is called?
A logistical movement.
Movement to support on-base operations to or from the flight line is called?
An operational movement.
Which lift truck has a manually extendible wheelbase?
MHU-83 series bomb-lift truck.
Which lift truck has cantilever lift arms?
MJ-1 series aerial stores lift truck.
The purpose of the transport beam beneath the lift arm assemblies on the MJ-1 series lift truck is to?
Provide added support and to relieve excess hydraulic pressure from the lift arms in carrying loads for long distances.
What is the lifting capacity of the MJ-1?
When using MJ-1 lift truck extension lift arms, you immediately?
reduce its lifting capacity by 800 pounds.
What is the lifting capacity of the MHU-83 series lift truck?
7,000 pounds.
When using the MHU-83B with fork adapters, you immediatly?
Reduce its lifting capacity by 1,000 pounds.
When releasing the accelerator pedal on a vehicle driven with a hydrostatic transmission, the?
Unit coasts to a stop very quickly.
What is the drawback to using the hydraulic hand pump to build hydraulic pressure on the MHU-83 B/E?
Extremely slow way to build hydraulic pressure.
What are the minimum and maximum frame-width adjustments of the MHU-83 B/E?
70 inches; 140 inches.
How do you adjust the yaw on the MHU-83 B/E?
What is the rated capacity of air per minute needed for the MC-7 air compressor to discharge 100 PSI of pressure?
125 cubic feet.
The MC-7 air compressor is designed for?
General Maintenance
The diesel model of the MC-7 air compressor is capable of operating up to how many hours at a time without refueling?
What is the primary difference between a bobtail and a pickup?
The bobtail's back end is shortened by about one-half.
The unique and handy feature of the bobtail truck's center pintle hook is that it can be unpinned and?
Moved in, out, or sideways for ease of trailer hookup.
The maximum towing speed of the bobtail while towing equipment is?
15 mph.
Which AF form is used to document a daily inspection on a general cargo truck?
What is the purpose behind good operator maintenance of all assigned vehicles?
Maintain vehicle serviceability at reduced cost.
What is the maximum tow capacity of the MB-4 aircraft towing tractor?
140,000 pounds.
Which position should the differential shift lever be in while driving the MB-4 towing tractor on dry road surfaces?
What range should be selected in a tractor with an automatic transmission while going down grades?
Low range
Which procedure is not a consideration for backing a tractor/trailer combination?
Turn toward the passengers side.
What is the maximum depth of water you may drive a rough-terrain forklift through?
5 feet.
Which forklift has the solid front axle and a pivot pin that allows the front end to pivot when turning the steering wheel, making it very dangerous when climbing in or out?
Adverse-terrain forklift.
What is the maximum reach of the variable-reach forklift with the forks elevated at 45 degrees?
15 feet.
Which type of forklift has a "dead-man" switch that can be operated from the driving position?
When can you store powered equipment in a building with explosives?
Only when stored in fire-resistive buildings and such equipment is essential to day to day operations.
Which ammuntion loading system services the M61A gun system?
Linkless ammuntion loading system (LALS)
Which component is not one of the five weapons replaceable assemblies?
Ammunition drum.
Which T.O. covers the linkless ammunition loading system? (LALS)
Which weapons replaceable assembly receives ammuntion from three bays of the container assembly and merges them into a single stream?
Transfer unit.
Which weapons replaceable assembly consists of the flex drive assembly?
Which component transfers rounds into the aircraft gun feed system?
Universal aircraft interface unit.
What is the maximum number of rounds the (UALS) drum can hold?
Use the cable-type load binder to secure?
Unbolstered weapons on the MHU-141/M trailer
How do you extend the CGU-1/B strap?
Release the adjusting mechanism;pull the strap.
Many nuclear weapon bolsters are designed with an attachment point for a tow bar,but one exception is the?
How often are courriers certified?
What code word is used when a Department of Energy (DOE) convoy seeks sanctuary during and emeergency?
Safe Haven
What IMT is use to transfer custody of missile warheads?
AF IMT 514
Which component of the munitions assembly conveyor (MAC) is dissasembled last?

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