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survey of african art 3


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Medieval Yoruba
11th-15th century, Nigeria
Contemporary Yoruba
Southwestern Nigeria
Memorial Portrait Heads of King and Queen
Medieval Yoruba. 12th-15th century. Portrait heads of deceased kings.
term: ephebism
Depicting an individual at the height of beauty, in their most ideal state
term: Oni
Centralized king of the Yoruba kingdom; a descendant of the gods.
Tada Seated Figure
Medieval Yoruba, 13th-15th century.
Verdana Posts & Door from Palace of Ikere
By Olowe of Ise. Contemporary Yoruba. Early 20th century.
Elder society Edan pairs
Contemporary Yoruba, 19th-20th century
term: Eshu
A god of chance
Shango Dance Wands
Contemporary Yoruba; 19th-20th century
Ifa Divination Board.

Contemporary Yoruba; 17th century-present
The Twin Figures
Contemporary Yoruba. 19th-20th century
term: Gelede
Yoruba society that honors elder women
Egungun textile masquerade
Contemporary Yoruba, 20th century
Fon people
Post contact; Dahomey kingdom, Republic of Benin
Bocio in honor of King Glele
By Sosa Adede. Fon. late 19th century
term: asen
Iron staffs that function as a memorial altar; a point of contact with the ancestor spirits of families. unique to the Fon people.
Nigeria, 13th century-present
Memorial Head of King
Benin. 15th-16th century.
Hip Mask of Queen Mother
Benin, 15th-16th century
term: Oba
King of the Benin kingdom; main mediators between natural and supernatural world, similar to the Onis
Palace Plaques
Benin. 16th-17th century
Medieval Igbo-Ukwu
Southeast Nigeria, 850-1000 CE
Equestrian Fly Whisk/Staff handle
Medieval Igbo-Ukwu, 9th-10th century
Contemporary Igbo
Southeast Nigeria
Mbari shrines to Ala
Contemporary Igbo. 20th century
Maiden Spirit Mask
Contemporary Igbo. 20th century
term: Okoroshi
Igbo mask tradition, exploring polarities of life and strong dichotomy between opposites
term: Ijele
Masquerade tradition of the Igbo, some of the largest masks danced anywhere in africa, the enormous textile structures reflecting achievements of the title holders that died
Ejagham people
Cross River Region, east Nigeria/west Cameroon.
Skin Crest Mask
Ejagham. 20th century
Ngbe Society Emblem
Ejagham. 20th century
term: nsibidi
A pictograph system shared by the Igbo leopard society and the Ejagham leopard society. Closest thing to a writing system in Africa.
Bamum people
Kingdom of Bamum. Cameroon
Throne of King (Nsangu)
Bamum. 1870
Kom people
Kingdom of Kom. Cameroon.
Thing of Kom
King Yu, Kom. 20th century.
term: kwifo
A royal masking society of the Bamum people
Fang people
Fang reliquary head
Fang. 19th-20th century
Kota people
Kota reliquary figure
Kota. 19th-20th century
Kongo people
Congo River Region, western Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola
Boma Power Figure
Kongo (Boma). 19th century
term: cosmogram
A quadratic diagram that shows lines dividing the spiritual realm from the physical realm, life from death.
term: diboondo
Pottery made by the Kongo people. Funerary jars placed on the graves of important members of society. Holes in the bottoms that dont let them used be as containers.
term: niombo
Large, decorative funerary caskets by the Kongo. Bones of the deceased will be placed in these after being buried for a while.
Chokwe people
Southern Congo River region, north Angola + southern DRC
Culture Hero
Chokwe. BEfore 1869
Young Woman Masks
Chokwe. 19th-20th century
Kuba Kingdom
Made of Bushong kigns and Kete farmers. Central DRC.
term: ndop
A portrait figure of Kuba kings, created during the King's reign and serving as the soul double of the King. Has a mancala board in front of him.
Cut pile Embroidered Raffia textile
Kuba Kingdom; 20th century
Luba people
Southeast DRC
Warua Master stool
Luba, before 1904
Buli Master stool
Luba, before 1900
Master of the Cascading Hairstyle headrest
Luba, before 1936
term: lukasa
Highest level of royal initiation; kings, diviners, and men of memory
Lega people
Eastern DRC
Society of the Lega people, the "governance" of them, a philosophical and highly moralistic society based on peace and moral perfection.
Mangbetu kingdom, northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo
Anthropomorphic Vessels
Mangbetu (Azande), early 20th century

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