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evolution of a new species within the same geographic location. Genetic variation can cause immediate reproductive isolation and a new species is created.
Adaptive Radiation
-rapid evolution
-occurs when 1 specices of organisms rapidly forms a variety of species that are all adapted differently
-key adaptation:evolves to avoid competiiton

Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance
-plasmid in bacteria can contain enzymes that are resistant to antibiotics
-basteria that do not have this will die off
-stronger basteria will conjugate and pass of the enzyme in the DNA
-resistance is good for bacteria, bad for us

-occurs when species that were once similar to an ancestral species become increasingly distinct
Cumulative Selection
-allows the more complex traits to evole
occurs when there are changes in the allele frequency and taits of a population within a species
Temporal Isolation
organisms are reproductively mature at different times

ex?plants bloom in different seasons to prevent pollination

-evolution of a population into seperate specices as a result of being geographically seperated(founder)
Genetic Variation
-units of DNA are called genes. DNA is a logn molecule that twists into chromosoms

-genes are located at certain positions of loci on the chromosome

genes come in differnt forms called allels

ex: you may have brown eyes but you may carry a gene for blue eyes

Endosymbiotic Hypothesis
-how the eukaryotic call came into existence

-mitochondria are the reult of endocytosis(a cell englufing something) of aerobic bacteria

-chloroplast are the result of endocytosis of photosynthetic bacterica

-aerobic bacteria and phtosynthetic bacteria were engulfed by large antibiotic bacteria

-2 specices are dependany on one another to evolve. Species put selective pressure on one another so they evole together
-similar traits arise in species becaue each species have independently adapted to envrionments

ex:birds and bats have adapted wings but do not share a common ancestor

Genetic Drift
-genetics can measure how frequently an allele shows up in a population

-allele frequency

-when the allele frequency changes as a result of chance it is called a genetic drift

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