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Purulent inflammatory reaction
50% females are asymptomatic
If tubal inflammation + infection to ovary then tubo-ovarian abscess formation
clever bug - prevent phago and can attach to sperm

Treponema palidum
Motile spiral shaped spirochete
Chancre at the site of entry
Can get secondary rash on body/moth eaten hair

*Degenerating process of posterior columns and dorsal roots in spinal cord
*Lancinating pain + ataxia
*General paresis *Dementia *Stroke
*Pupil irregularities are common Argyll-Robertson pupil

Tabes Dorsalis
Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction marked by fever, chills, headache, myalgia, new rash is common when starting treatment of primary+ secondary disease
***Occurs because of lysis of treponemes
not a drug reaction!***

Tidbits of trivia
Acute cervicitis and mucopurulent discharge
most common sexually transmitted organism
Intracellular rickettsia

Chlamydial Infections
Necessary for development of Squamous and adenocarcinoma of cervix! Therefore, there are vaccines for it.
Also can get warts

cervix-cauliflower like
Condyloma acuminata
koilocytes with perinuclear halos
HPV 6 or 11
Virus becomes latent within sacral ganglia; reactivation
Painful ulcerations heal in 10 days

Herpes 2
Vaginal discharge from vaginitis

Common with 3 diseases:

1) Candidiasis
2) Bacterial vaginosis (previously)
3) Trichomoniasis

Foamy discharge = key

Not transmitted sexually

White deposits on mucosa: cottage cheese+ itching

Sexually transmitted disease

Both squamous cell + adenocarcinoma are related to HPV types 16 + 18

Cervical Cancer
common signs of cervical cancer:

Postcoital spotting
Cervical ulceration
Bloody or purulent, odorous, nonpruritic discharge may appear after invasion
Bladder + rectal dysfunction or fistulas + pain are late symptoms

usually benign

Pedunculated lesion
on uterus

Endometrial Polyp
Thickened - Diffused or very hyperplastic and lumpy uterus

Endometrial Hyperplasia
Normal uterine tissue in wrong locations

“Chocolate” cyst

Old blood in cyst
Results from endometrial tissue
bleeding into ovary

Fibroid tumors occur anywhere in uterus
Can be multiple
Many sizes/ many places
Benign - but can compress other organs - fatal

Measurement of serum tumor marker
this is a clinically useful for predicting extrauterine spread of endometrial cancer
If + it can be used to follow patient progress

CA 125
Fertility problems, irregular menses, androgenic signs (hirsuitism, male pattern baldness), obesity/insulin resistance, diabetes types 1+2.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Benign Ovarian Tumors

what are two names?

Cystadenomas: surface epithelium

Teratomas* (dermoid cyst): from germ cells; may contain teeth and hair

Ischemia due to loss of blood supply
In females, occurs w large ovarian tumors which cause vessels and nerves to twist along axis and lose blood supply


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