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essential words for the toefl


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1. The idea was acceptable to everyone.
2. The registrar accepted more applicants than he should have.

syn. permissible
verb. accept
adv. acceptably
noun. acceptability
adj. accepting

1. Isaac Stem has won acclaim abroad.
2. Acclaimed authors often win Pulitzer Prizes

descr. enthusiastic approval, applause
syn. praise
adj. acclaimed
noun. acclamation

1. Adverse weather conditions made it difficult to play the game.
2. His indecision adversely affected his job performance.
adj. displeasing, objectionable, or bad

syn. unfavorable
adv. adversely
noun. adversity, adversary

1. The beach is an ideal place to relax.
2. Candidates for the job should ideally have five years experience in similar positions

adj. having no flaw or mistake, excellent

syn. perfect
adv. ideally
noun. ideal

adj. continuous, refusing to give up, firm in action or
v. persist n. persistence
adv. persistently
Syn. constant

1. The attorney\'s persistent questioning weakened the witness.
2. Her persistence earned her a spot on the team.

n. the act of disagreeing, not giving approval
v. disapprove
adv. disapprovingly
Syn. objection

1. Their disapproval of the plan caused the experiment to be abandoned.
2. The students disapproved of the plan of study

adj. causing confusion and interruption
v. disrupt Syn. disturbing
n. disruption
adv. disruptively

1. Frequent questions during lectures can be disruptive.
2. The storm caused a disruption in bus service.

adv. having no order or pattern, by chance
adj. haphazard Syn. arbitrarily, carelessly
n. haphazardness

1. It was obvious that the house was built haphazardly.
2. Susan completed the assignment in a haphazard way

n. the coming or appearance of something
Syn. arrival

1. With the advent of computers, many tasks have been made easier.
2. The newspapers announced the advent of the concert season.

conj. in spite of the facts, regardless of the fact
Syn. although

1. His trip was successful, albeit tiring.
2. Albeit difficult at times, speaking another language is rewarding.

v. to agree to let something happen, not to interfere
with an action
n. allowance Syn. permit
adj. allowable
adv. allowable

1. Arthur\'s natural agility will allow him to excel in sports.
2. The extra money allowed us to stay abroad another day.

adj. attractive or interesting, able to move
v. appeal feelings
n. appeal Syn. alluring
adv. appealingly

1. Working abroad is appealing to many people.
2. Through his speeches, the candidate appealed to the voters.

adj. acclaimed, well-known, and popular
Syn. renown

1. The celebrated pianist will give a concert this weekend.
2. San Francisco is celebrated for its multicultural makeup.

adj. modern, up-to-date; also a person living at the
same time as another person
n. contemporary Syn. current

1. Contemporary architecture makes very good use of space.
2. Cervantes was a contemporary of Shakespeare.

v. to divide among people or to give out
n. distribution Syn. dispense

1. Many publishers distribute their newspapers directly to homes in their area.
2. The distribution of seeds is very quick with this new machine.

adj. full of life, action, or power
n. energy Syn. vigorous
adv. energetically

1. Sam hasn\'t been as energetic as he usually is.
2. There\'s a lot of energy in these batteries.

adj. weak in health or in body
n. trade Syn. fragile

1. The frail wings of the newborn bird could not lift it off the ground.
2. One of the frailties of human beings is laziness.

v. to make pure, to improve
n. refinement Syn. perfect (v.)
adj. refined

1. Factories must to refine oil before it can be used as fuel.
2. A squirt of lime juice is the perfect refinement to cola.

adj. value in doing something
Syn. rewarding

1. It was worthwhile waiting 10 hours in line for the tickets.
2. It\'s worthwhile to prepare for the TOEFL.

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