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mgt ch 11 mdtrm 2


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the process of systematically retaining power and authority in the hands of higher level managers
the process of systematically delegating power and authority throughout the organization to middle and lower level managers
the process by which a manager assigns a portion of his or her total workload to others.
span of management
the number of people who report to a particulart manager
the process of grouping jobs according to some logical arangement
job enrichment
an alternative to job specialization that involves increasing both the number of tasks the worker does and the control the worker has over the job
job enlargement
an alternative to job specialization that involves giving the employee more tasks to perform
job rotation
an alternative to job specialization that involves systematically moving empoyees from one job to another
job design
the determination of an individuals work related responsibilities
organization structure
the set of elements that can be used to configure an organization
deciding how best to group organizational activities and resources
job specialization
the degree to which the overall task of the organization is broken down and divided into smaller component parts.
job characteristics approach
an alternative to job specialization that suggests that jobs should be diagnosed and improved along five core dimensions, taking into account both the work system and employee preferences
work team
an alternative to job specialization that allows an entire group to design the work system it will use to perform an interrelated set of tasks
functional departmentalization
grouping jobs involving the same or similar activities
product departmentalization
grouping activities around products or product groups
customer departmentalization
grouping activities to respond to and interact with specific customers or customer group
location departmentalization
grouping jobs on the basis of defined geographic sites or areas
chain of command
a clear and distinct line of authority among the positions in an organization
power that has been legitmized by the organization
the process of linking the activities of the various departments of the organization
pooled interdependence
ehen units operate with little interaction; their output is simply pooled
sequential interdependence
when the output of one unit becomes the input for another in sequential fashion
reciprocal interdependence
when activities flow both ways between units
line position
a position in the direct chain of command that is responsible for the achievement of an organization's goal
staff position
a postion intended to provide expertise, advise, and support for line positions
adminsitrative intensity
the degree to which mangerial positions are concentrated in staff positions

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