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How do you get your wafers out of the furnace and leave it in STANDBY Mode
1. ALMACK twice to vent tube, wait 12 minutes

2. Run recipe again to bring out boat

3. Take out wafers, replace with dummy wafers

4. ALMACK to send boat in

5. Abort once door is completely closed

6.Load and run STANDBY (15STNBYA) Recipe

How do you put the Tystar in standby?
1. End the current process

2. Load 15STNBYA

3. Run 15STNBYA

What is the program for poly-SiC growth?
What temperature range is acceptable?
650C to 835C
What is the recipe for undoped poly-SiC?
DSB=45 DCS=20 NH3=0 T=800 P=170
What is the recipe for standard doped poly-SiC?
DSB=43.6 DCS=19.4 NH3=2 T=800 P=170
Why is it dangerous to abort the tube during the deposition step. What can be done
-Toxic gases are still in the chamber and will be released into the Microlab if the chamber door is opened
-Acknowledge out of the flush and hold steps of a standard recipe. In an emergency, run the 15purge step.
What is the difference between 15PURGE and 15VENT?
Both processes can be used for quick vent or pump/purge cycles.

15VENT may not be used when there are toxic gases in the tube (during deposition). 15PURGE may be used in this situation.

How long will the boat stay out. What do you do if the boat automatically returns?
You have 20 minutes.

ALMACK through the cycle back to the boat unload step and wait for the boat to come back.

How do you run the standby recipe?
Once the run is completed,
-ALMAC twice out fo teh flush and hold step
-Run the recipe again
-Get your wafers out
-ALMAC through the unload step to send the boat back in
-Make sure that the door is completely closed before you abort the process
-Load the standby recipe.

What are the available gases in the Tystar 15
DSB, DCS, NH3, Methyl Silane, H2, N2, N2VAC, N2PRG
What should you do if you want to modify the recipe outside of the process parameters?
Talk to process staff
How do you load the main recipe?
How do you run it?
RU 15
When should the DSB source valve be opened?
When should the DSB source valve be closed?
Where is the DSB source valve located?
Where do you mark the remaining DSB level

Open the valve after wafers are loaded and before the deposition step.
Close the valve after the deposition step but before disabling the system on WAND
The valve is located in the gray DSB source cabinate in the Tylan service chase.
Mark the remaining DSB level on the DSB source ampuole

How do you unload wafers?
The furnace will wait in the flush and hold section. ALMAC twice out of this step to vent the tube. Run the recipe again to get the boat out.
What do you do if there is a failed leak check?
If GNTLK or VNTLK is on, stop and report a stop
If DNTLK is on, vent the tube and try again
If no interlock is on, wipe the door and o-ring and try again

What do you do if there is no gas flow
Check status by typing DI ST 15
If an interlock is on report it as a fault
Check the appropriate gas cylinder. If it is empty, report it as a fault

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