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Western Art I 3


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Dome of the Rock
691. Jerusalem, Israel.
Prayer Hall, Great Mosque in Cordoba
785/786. Cordoba, Spain.
Quibla wall with mihrab and minbar, Sultan Hasan mosque
1356-1363. Cairo, Egypt.
Court of the Lions, Alhambra
1354-1391. Granada, Spain.
Page from the Qur'an
9th century.
Term: Qur'an (Koran)
The holy scriptures of Islam.
term: Muhammad
The prophet and founder of Islam in 610.
term: aniconic
Avoidance of figural imagery, or icons
term: qibla
The mosque wall oriented towards Mecca, marked by the mihrab.
term: mihrab
A niche in the qibla wall.
term: minbar
A staircase on which sermons are given from
term: horseshoe arch
An arch style that's rounded at the top, indents inward a little ways down, then curves back to become a straight wall
Chi Rho Iota Page from the Book of Kells
Late 8th or early 9th century.
Palace Chapel of Charlemange
792-805. Aachen, Germany.
Page with Matthew the Evangelist, Ebbo Gospels
9th century. On vellum.
Doors of Bishop Bernward
1015. Church of St. Michael, Hildesheim, Germany.
term: scriptorium
A workshop in which monks and nuns in a monastary create books and scripts.
term: illumination
A picture in a book, decorated with color and gold
Cathedral of St James
1078-1122. Santiago De Compostela, Spain
Reliquary Statue of Sainte Foy
Late 9th or 10th century; contains the skull of Sainte Foy, reliquary
Cathedral Complex in Pisa
1063-1174 (Cathedral: 1063, Baptistry: 1153, Campanile: 1174) Pisa, Italy
Church of San Clemente
1128. Rome, Italy
Stags Drinking From Streams Flowing Under The Crucified Christ
1128. Church of San Clemente, Rome, Italy
term: pilgrimage
A long journey to a special or holy destination.
term: relic
An item that belonged to a saint or holy figure, including their body parts
term: reliquary
A container made to hold a relic, usually lavishly decorated
term: pier
A support that is similar to a column, but with extra support in long, narrow poles
The Last Judgement Tympanum at Autun
Possibly by Gislebertus. 1120-1130 or 1130-1145. Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, France.
The Magi Asleep
Possibly by Gislebertus. 1125. Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, France.
Virgin and Child
Late 12th century. Wooden sculpture; possibly a reliquary.
Bishop Odo Blessing the Feast, the Bayeux Tapestry
1066-1082. Depicts Bishop Odo blessing the feast before the Norman Invasion; of William the Conqueror vs King Harold.
term: façade
The elaborate entrance side of the building, a sort of "front"
term: tympanum
The area in the curved semicircular area of an arched doorway.
term: Throne of Wisdom
A pose where the Virgin Mary is sitting on a throne, while the child Christ is sitting in her lap.
Interior, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis
1140-1144. Paris, France. (Ambulatory and Apse Chapels)
Chartes Cathedral, west façade
1134. Chartes, France
Chartes Cathedral, nave
1194-1220. Chartes, France
Chartes Cathedral, Rose Window
1230-1235. Chartes, France
term: Abbot Suger
The administrator of the Church of Saint-Denis, and known as the father of Gothic style for his style experiments.
term: groin vault
Vault created by the intersection of two barrel vaults
term: rib vault
A groin vault supported by ribs, a sort of skeleton to reinforce the groins or just to look pretty
term: flying buttress
An external support structure, an arched bridge extending to a pier that is not attached to the wall of the building
term: radiating chapels
Projecting chapels arranged radially around the ambulatory
term: stained glass
Molten glass mixes with color using metallic oxides.
term: rose window
A circular, decorative stained glass windows in the typical Gothic cathedrals
Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Reims, West facade
1225. Reims, France.
Annunciation and Visitation sculptures
1230-1250. West facade, Central portal, Reims Cathedral, Reims, France
Upper Chapel of Sainte-Chapelle
1239-1248. Paris, France. Attached to the palace of King Louis.
By Coppo di Marcovaldo. 1250-1270.
The Miracle of the Crib at Greccio
Late 13th or early 14th century. Church of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy. Fresco painting.
Life of John the Baptist
By Andrea Pisano. 1330-1336. Baptistry in Florence, Italy.
Virgin and Child Enthroned, by Cimabue
Virgin and Child Enthroned, by Giotto
Raising of Lazarus and Resurrection
1305-1306. Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel, Padua, Italy. Fresco painting.
term: gesso
A primer for paint, especially tempera paint
term: ursury
Charging interest on a loan; considered a terrible sin
term: fresco
Mixing pigment into wet plaster and applying it to the wall
Votive Statue of Gudea
Girsu. 2090 BCE. Diorite.
Hypostyle Hall, Great Temple of Amun at Karnak
1292-1190 BCE.
Column of Trajan
113-116 CE. Rome, Italy.
Church of Santa Sabina
422-432. Rome, Italy.
Rebecca At The Well
Early 6th century; vellum

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