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ISOM Quiz III Chpt 12


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Refers to an single information system that facilitates business processes and functionalities on an enterprise level

Includes a collection of systems supporting specific functions such as CRM, Supply Management, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Manufac
Integrated Enterprise Information System
Four ways to implement an Integrated Enterprise ARE
1) ERP
2) Best of Breed
3)Custom Developed Enterprise IS
4)Mixed Approach

Where ___ suites such as SAP, Oracle Applications, or M1, provide function-specific modules integrated into a larger system
A collection of function-specific commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) systems

Challenging integration process

best of breed
Either as a collection of custom-developed units that are custom-integrated
Or as a single fully-integrated custom-developed multi-functional system
Custom Developed Enterprise IS
At the heart of all ___systems is a database, when a user enters or updates information in one module, it is immediately and automatically updated throughout the entire _____
ERP; system
ERP systems must integrate various organization______ and be:
______ and ____
processes; modular; open
ERP solutions are popular because
ERP is a logical solution to the mess of incompatible applications that had sprung up in most businesses

ERP addresses the need for global information sharing and reporting

ERP is used to avoid the pain and expense of fixing legacy systems

Many companies purchase modules from an ___ vendor, an ___ vendor, and a ___ vendor and must integrate the different modules together
If the business process is a "______" ERP module probably can support it

If the business process is _____(adds competitive advantage) - ERP module probably can not support it

ERP is not the ___ ___ to achieve integrated systems

commodity; original; only way

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