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latin ch 33


undefined, object
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simple fact present
present indicative both clauses

if he is doing this, he is wise.
si id facit, prudens est.

simple fact past
perf/pluperf indicative in both

if he did this, he was wise.
si id fecit, prudens fuit.

contrary to fact present
imperfect subjunctive in both

if he were doing this, he would be wise.
si id faceret, prudens esset.

future less vivid/should-would
present subjunctives in both

if he should do this, he would be wise.
si id faciat, prudens sit

simple fact future/future more vivid
future indic in both clauses

if he does this, he will be wise.
si id faciet, prudens erit.

initium, ii, n.
beginning, commencement
ops, opis, f.
opes, opum pl
help, aid
power, resources, wealth
philosophus, i, m.
philosopha, ae, f.
philosopher m/f
plebs, plebis, f.
the common people, populace, plebeians
sal, salis, m.
salt; wit
speculum, i, n.
quis, quid (after si, nisi, ne, num)
indef. pronoun - anyone, anything, someone, something
candidus, a, um
shining, bright, white; beautiful
merus, a, um
pure, undiluted
suavis, suave
conj. suffixed to a word = aut before the word, OR
interj., ah! alas!
adv., suddenly
recuso, recusare, recusavi, recusatum
to refuse
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum
to give over, surrender; hand down, transmit, teach
contrary to fact past/ had - would have

pluperfect subjunctive in both

if he had done this, he would have been wise

si id fecisset, sapiens fuisset

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