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word usage proglems


undefined, object
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accuse = to blame
-She accused him of lying.

- v. 1. мэдэгдэх. The prisoner ~s (that) he was at home on the night of the crime. Ялтан хэрэг гардаг шөнө гэртээ байсан гэж мэдэгдэв. 2. шалтаг хэлэх.батлах,томилох,хэрэг тулгах,заалдах,шалтаглах,шалтаглv

Aggravate means "to make something worse;" it should not be used to refer to an annoyance.
-Pollution can aggravate asthma.

all together
-The train went slower and slower until it stopped altogether.

-every one all together

anyone, everyone
any one, every one
-anyone and everyone mean "any person" and "every person"
-any one and every one mean "any and every single person or thing"
as to
-As to is awkward. Substitute about.
Eliminate "at" when used after where.
at about
Eliminate "at" or "about" if you find them used together.
awhile, a while
-Awhile is an adverb, meaning "for a while".
-A while is an article and a noun and is usually used after the preposition for.
beat, win
-Beat means "to overcome"
-Win means "to achieve victory in"
Replace "win" IF the sentence sense is "beat".

bring, take
-Bring means "to carry from a distant place to a nearer one"

-Take means the opposite "to carry from a near place to more distant one"

-Bunch means "a number of things of the same kind." Don't use "bunch" to mean "group."
burst, bust
burst, burst, burst
bust, busted, busted
but what
But what is nonstandard English. Use that.
can't help
can't help + gerund
1.шийтгэх,буруушаах,ял тулгах

2.v. үл тоох/ хайхрах, өршөөх.

1.Occurring over and over in succession.
-We lived in continual fear of being discovered.

2.Occurring without stopping.
-Stop smoking and you will see a continuous improvement in your health.

-Use "dived" instead of "dove" for the past tense of the verb "dive".
each other, one another
-One another is used when more than two are involved.

-We all try and help one another.
-I think we've learned a lot about one another in this session.

emigrate, immigrate
-Emigrate "to leave a country".
-Immigrate "to enter a country"

-My parents emigrated from Mongolia to the USA in 1985s.

-About 6.6 million people immigrated to the USA in the 1978.

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