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Abeka Gr. 8 Ch. 6


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Who became prime minister of Great Britain?
William Pitt the Elder
Who was the chancellor of Exchequer
Charles Townshend
What was Townshends acts seen as?
An act of rebellion.


What did the Americas say so they could be protected from taxation
Taxation without representation
When was the Boston massacre

and how many ppl died

March 5 1770

And 5 ppl died

On December 16 1773 what happened?

The Boston tea party
Who did the Americas Dress as
Indian Mohawks
How many tea box were dumped out
340 tea boxes
When and what was the Quebec act?
and it canceled all western claims to extend Quebec to the Ohio river
When and where was the first Continental congress
in Philadelphia
and in September 5 1774
Who and when made a speech in the Virgina house and spoke of a fast coming conflict?
Patrick Henry

and march 28 1775

When was the war of Independence
April 19 1775
how many Americans and British died on the Massachusetts
93 Americans
and 273 Brits died that day
When and where was the Second Continental congress
and May 10th 1775
In June the Congress appointed who
George Washington
What forefinger troops did the king of Britain send
When and What was the Prohibitory act?
December 1775

and removed all British protection from the colonies.

Who was Marquis De Lafayette, Baron Von Steuben, Baron De Kalb.
Patriots from Prussia, Germany, Poland, and France
Who was a Loyalist/Torie
People who were still loyal to Britain.

Who went across the Delaware river and attacked the hessian s?
Georgey Washy Tean

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