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Pi Phi ASU


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What is the mission statement and why is it important?
Mission Statement- To promote friendship develop women of intelect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential, and enrich lives in community service.

Important- Its why we exist.

What is the Vision Statement?
Vision Statement- Committed to being recognized as a premiere organization for women by providing lifelong enrichment to its members.
I Love Having Pi Phi Sisters
H-Honor and Respect
P-Personal and Intellectual Growth
P-Philanthropic Service
S-Sincere friendship

Founding date and place
April 28, 1967 at Momouth College in Momouth, IL
Why was Pi Phi the FIRST women's fraternity?
It was founded before there was the word sorority.
What can you do to appreciate Pi Phis heritage?
Philanthropy, wear pin, wear letters, tell people about it
The purpose of a college University Panhellenic Council include..
-A public relations board
-A liaison between sorority women and non greeks
-A liaison between greeks

Current Grand Council
Mary Loy Tatumn
What magazine are we prescribed to for free?
The Arrow
What is the Policy and Standards board?
The Policy and Standards Board is designed to hold members accountable for their actions.
What does C and S stand for? What is the document that details local chapter organization and policies?
Constitution and Statutes

By laws are the detailed local chapters organization and policies.

What are 5 subjects that were explored regarding the Policy and Position Statements?
Hazing, Alcohol, Drugs, Media. Pre/Post Partying
What are 3 resources available to you that you can find guidance for physical, emotional, or mental health issues?
Heath center
Counseling building at ASU
Hazing Hotline

Who is Pi Phis literacy partner?
First Book
Name 3 facts or statistics about Literacy:
-80% of citizens in prison didnt graduate high school, 1/2 cant read or write
-People who can read tend to be more successful
-Girls and women count for 2/3's of the worlds illiterate population

Besides first book-- what are three other hands on service projects that Pi Phi participates in?
-Habitate for humanity
-Fraternity day of service
-Arrow in the attic

Created in ____ Pi Beta Phi Foundation funds programs promoting intellectual, ethical, and leadership development for our members and through its philanthropic efforts, benefits society at large.
True or False-- Pi Beta Phi is governed by 8 Grand Council Members and 15 directors?
Who is our national NPC delegate?
Carol Warren
What does servant leadership mean to you?
cornerstone of pi phis leadership
What are Pi Phis encouraged to join after they graduate form college? Name two ways this group supports chapters.
Alumni clubs

Supports chapters by keeping the traditions and values of Pi Beta Phi alive, and helps keep Pi Phi a life long commitment.

Hazing Hotline Number

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