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-THERE WERE, OF COURSE, dire consequences of Roscuro’s behavior.

adj. 1. аймаар, аймшигтай. 2. их, маш, тун, гойд. We're in ~ need of your help. Бидэнд таны тусламж маш хэрэгтэй байна. in dire straits хүнд/ хэцүү байдалд

-For instance, the young Roscuro gnawed on Gregory the jailer’s rope, and because he gnawed on the rope, a match was lit in his face, and because a match was lit in his face, his soul was set afire.

мөлжих,зулгаах,мэрэх,хэмлэх,(зэв,хүчил) идэх,тарчлаах,тамлах,зовоох,идэх /зэв,хүчил/

-(if, reader, you will indulge me, and allow me to continue this meditation on consequences),


-And because Roscuro was dazzled by the light of one match and journeyed upstairs and fell into the queen’s soup and the queen died, the king ordered the death of every rat in the land.

dazzle = n. гялбаа. v. 1. нүд гялбуулах. 2. гайхуулах, бишрүүлэх.

-The king’s men succeeded only in getting lost in the dungeon’s tortuous mazes.

-adj. 1. тахир, мурий. 2. нарийн, төвөгтэй.

-And in desperation, King Phillip declared that rats were illegal.


-But still, the king officially decreed that all rats in the Kingdom of Dor were outlaws and should be treated as such.

n. зарлиг, тогтоол. issue a decree хууль гаргах. v. (decreed) зарлиг/ тогтоол гаргах.

-Making soup illegal, outlawing rats, these things soothed the poor king’s heart. And so we must forgive him.

-v. 1. тайвшруулах, тайтгаруулах. 2. өвчин намдаах. This medicine will ~ the pain. Энэ эм өвчин намдаана. soothing adj. тайвшруулах.

12.kingly cape
-He set to work fashioning for himself a kingly cape made out of a scrap of the red tablecloth.

kingly = сүр жавхлант,хаан шиг,хааны
cape = n. 1. хошуу, булан, тохой. 2. нөмрөг.

-And beside the soldier there sat a young girl with ears that looked like nothing so much as pieces of cauliflower stuck on either side of her head.

n. өнгөт байцаа.

-The girl’s name, reader, was Miggery Sow.
And though she did not yet know it, she would be instrumental in helping the rat work his revenge.

adj. 1. ~ in sth/ doing sth тус болох, нөлөөлөх, дэмжих, туслах. 2. хөгжмийн зэмсгийн.

-Mig watched her father walk away, the red tablecloth billowing out behind him. He left his daughter.

n. их долгион, давалгаа. v. давлах, давалгаалах.

18.tend, scrub
-Mig tended Uncle’s sheep and cooked Uncle’s food and scrubbed Uncle’s kettle.

v. 1. хазайх, хэлбийх. 2. чиг/ хандлагатай/ дуртай байх. 3. харах, асрах, сувилах, арчлах. She ~ed her mother lovingly during her long illness. Эхийгээ удаан өвчтэй байхад тэр халамжлан асарсан. 4. үйлчлэх.

v. (-bb-) 1. ~ sth (down/ out) сойздож угаах/ цэвэрлэх. 2. төлөвлөснөө болих/ хойшлуулах. scrub up мэс заслын өмнө гараа сайтар угаах. n. бут, бутлаг ургамал. scrubby ['skr)bi] adj. 1. бут сөөгтэй, ширэнгэн. 2. зулзаган (мод), давжаа (амьтан).

-She did all of this without a word of thanks or praise from the man himself.


20. clout, inquire, filthy
Another unfortunate fact of life with Uncle was that he very much liked giving Mig what he referred to as “a good clout to the ear.” In fairness to Uncle, it must be reported that he did always inquire whether or not Mig was interested in receiving the clout. Their daily exchanges went something like this: Uncle: “I thought I told you to clean the kettle.” Mig: “I cleaned it, Uncle. I cleaned it good.” Uncle: “Ah, it’s filthy. You’ll have to be punished, won’t ye?” Mig: “Gor, Uncle, I cleaned the kettle.” Uncle: “Are ye saying that I’m a liar, girl?” Mig: “No, Uncle.” Uncle: “Do ye want a good clout to the ear, then?” Mig: “No, thank you, Uncle, I don’t.”
хайхрамжгүй,хамаарахгүй,хайхрамжгүй байх,санаа зовохгүй байх
-Alas, Uncle seemed to be as entirely unconcerned with what Mig wanted as her mother and father had been.
23.clout, alarmingly, frequent
-These clouts were alarmingly frequent.


-adj. олон дахин давтагдах. v. олон удаа ирэх, байнга очиж байх. frequently adv. олон удаа, байнга, байн байн, ахин дахин.

24.scrupulous, scrupulously
-And Uncle was scrupulously fair in paying attention to both the right and left side of Miggery Sow.
-scrupulous attention to detail
adj. 1. дэндүү нягт нямбай. 2. тун шударга. scrupulously adv. нарийн, нягт нямбай.

25.blurry, blanket
-And then they lost their edges altogether and became blurry, blankety things that she had a great deal of trouble making any sense out of at all.

adj. халтартсан, завааруулсан, баллаж сохолсон

n. 1. ноосон хөнжил, бүтээлэг. 2. давхарга, үе. v. хучих, дарах. The countryside was ~ed with snow. Хөдөө тал цасанд хучигджээ.

vicious circle
муу срын тойрог

-This is what is known as a vicious circle. And Miggery Sow was right in the center of it.

27.acknowledge, acknowledgement
-no acknowledgment of her birthday at all other than Mig saying, “Uncle, today I am seven years old.” And Uncle saying in return, “Did I ask ye how old you were today? Get out of my face before I give ye a good clout to the ear.”

v. 1. хүлээн зөвшөөрөх, хүлээх. 2. хүлээн авснаа хариу мэдэгдэх. 3. хариу барих, талархсанаа илэрхийлэх. 4. таних, олж харах. acknowledgement n. (also acknowledgment) 1. хүлээх, хүлээн зөвшөөрөх нь. 2. хариу, хариу барих. 3. хариу захидал/ бичиг. 4. номын эхэн дэх зохиогчийн талархлын үг.

28.the horizon
-A few hours after receiving her birthday clout to the ear, Mig was out in the field with Uncle’s sheep when she saw something glittering and glowing on the horizon.

n. 1. the horizon тэнгэрийн хаяа. 2. мэдэц, мэдлэгийн хүрээ. He widened his ~s by reading many books. Тэр их ном уншиж мэдлэгээ баяжуулдаг байв. on the horizon мөд болох сурагтай, мөдхөн болох үйл явдал.

-Mig stood in the field and shaded her eyes with her left hand and watched the brilliant light draw closer and closer and closer until it revealed itself to be King Phillip and his Queen Rosemary and their daughter, the young Princess Pea.

сүүдэрлэх,халхлах,хамгаалах,харлуулах,сүүдэр халхавч,бүрэнхий

30.robe, sequins
-The royal family was surrounded by knights in shining armor and horses in shining armor. And atop each member of the royal family’s head, there was a golden crown, and they were all, the king and the queen and the princess, dressed in robes decorated with jewels and sequins that glittered and glowed and captured the light of the setting sun and reflected it back.

n. 1. нөмрөг. 2. халааз. v. халааз өмсөх, нөмрөг нөмрөх.

гялтга, даашинзан дээрх гоёл, цехин (италийн алтан зоос

31.daintily, daintiness
-The Princess Pea was riding on a white horse that picked up its legs very high and set them down very daintily.

n. уран гос хийц, хосгүй нарийн хийц, госл adv. урнаар, нарийнаар

-The Pea saw Mig standing and staring, and she raised a hand to her. “Hello,” the Princess Pea called out merrily, “hello.” And she waved her hand again.

adj. 1. хөгжилтэй, хөгжөөнтэй. 2. жаахан халамцуу. make merry хөгжилдөх, наргицгаах. merrily adv. хөгжөөнтэй. merriment n. наргиан, инээд хөөр.

33.slumber, interior, spark
-Looking at the royal family had awakened some deep and slumbering need in her; it was as if a small candle had been lit in her interior, sparked to life by the brilliance of the king and the queen and the princess.

-n. нойр. v. унтах, нойрсох.

-n. 1. дотор тал, дотоод хэсэг. 2. the interior нутгийн гүн. 3. the interior улсын дотоод хэрэг/ явдал

-n. 1. оч. 2. гялбаа. v. 1. оч үсрэх. 2. өдөөх. spark-plug n. моторын очлуур.

34.ache - [eik]
-Mig tried to name this strange emotion; she put a hand up to touch one of her aching ears, and she realized that the feeling she was experiencing, the hope blooming inside of her, felt exactly the opposite of a good clout.

-n. янгинасан өвчин. v. 1. янгинах, шимшрэн өвдөх. 2. ~ for sb/ sth тэмүүлэх.
-n. цэцэг. v. 1. цэцэглэх. 2. бадрах, хөгжих

35.hut, tippy-toed
-THAT NIGHT, in the small, dark hut that she shared with Uncle and the sheep, Mig tried to speak of what she had seen. “Uncle?” she said. “Eh?” “I saw some human stars today.” “How’s that?” “I saw them all glittering and glowing, and there was a little princess wearing her own crown and riding on a little white, tippy-toed horse.”

- n. овоохой, оромж, урц.
adj. тогтвор муутай, хазайсан, ганхсан
adj. муруй хадагдсан зүйлийн

37.scrubbing, tend, innumerable, painful
-YEARS PASSED. Mig spent them scrubbing the kettle and tending the sheep and cleaning the hut and collecting innumerable, uncountable, extremely painful clouts to the ear.

38.lodge, firmly
-This hope, this wish, that she would see the princess again, was lodged deep in Mig’s heart; lodged firmly right next to it was the hope that she, Miggery Sow, could someday become a princess herself.

-2. ~ (sth) in sth зоогдох, шигдэх, шаах. 3. хонуулах, түр саатах байр гаргаж өгөх. 4. байрлах, байр хөлслөн суух. 5. хадгалах. lodger n. байр хөлслөн суугч.

-adj. (-er, -est) 1. хатуу, зөөлөн биш. ~ soil хатуу хөрс. 2. чанга, хүчтэй. a ~ grip чанга атгах. 3. бат бөх, бат бэх. 4. хатуу, чанга, нарийн чанд. 5. тогтвортой (ханш). a firm hand чанга сахилга бат/ хатуу хяналт. adv. hold firm to sth хатуу итгэх. firmly adv. 1. чанд, чанга, хатуу. 2. тууштай, баттай, найдвартай. firmness n. 1. бат бөх, бат бэх. 2. хатуу, чанга. 3. тогтвортой байх.

39.around about
-The first of Mig’s wishes was granted, in a roundabout way, when King Phillip outlawed soup.

-adj. тойруу. a ~ way of saying sth тойруу маягаар/ замаар хэлэх. n. тойрог хөдөлгөөнтэй зам, тойруу зам. 2. хүүхдийн модон морин тойруулга.

The king’s men were sent out to deliver the grim news and to collect from the people of the Kingdom of Dor their kettles, their spoons, and their bowls.
-“I am sent here to tell you that soup has been outlawed in the Kingdom of Dor. You will, by order of the king, never again consume soup. Nor will you think of it or talk about it. And I, as one of the king’s loyal servants, am here to take from you your spoons, your kettle, and your bowls.”

v. 1. хэрэглэх, зарцуулах. 2. түймэрт шатах. 3. идэх уух.

42.shrug, hand over
-“And wouldn’t that be lovely,” said Uncle, “if we could afford to eat cake.” The soldier shrugged. “I am only doing my duty. Please hand over your spoons, your bowls, and your kettle.”

v. (-gg-) мөрөө хавчих.
v. 1. өгөх 2. шилжүүлэн өгөх

44.cluck, rein
-He clucked to the horse and tapped the reins and they took off.

v. 1. гооглох, гоог гоог гэж дуугарах. 2. шогшрох.

n. жолоо, цулбуур. give horse ~ жолоогоо тавих. the ~s of government төрийн жолоо. take up ~s жолоодох, захирах. v. жолоодох, захирах, залах. rein back мориныхоо амыг татах, зогсоох.

45.royalty, curtsy
-“Mind,” said the head of the serving staff, a dour woman named Louise, “she is royalty, so you must make sure you curtsy.”

n. 1. хааны гэр бүлийнхэн. 2. зохиогчийн шагнал.
v. тахимдан ёслох

-“I am making a history of the world, my world,” said the Pea, “in tapestry. See? Here is my father, the king. And he is playing the guitar because that is something he loves to do and does quite well.

n. гобелен, уран хээ хатгамал хивс.

-You are not destined to be one of our star servants.


-Not even at a notion as ridiculous as Miggery Sow becoming a princess.

ойлгомж,бодол,ойлголт,төсөөлөл,үзэл,бодол,бодол санаа,бодол,зорилго

-AT THE CASTLE, for the first time in her young life, Mig had enough to eat. And eat she did. She quickly became plump and then plumper still.

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