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Nursing Fundamentals Week 3


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What are the three levels of Health Care Services?
(primary, secondary and tertiary care)
What are the focus of each. (primary, secondary and tertiary care)
Primary - Health Promotion, disease prevention
Secondary -Diagnosis and treatment
Tertiary Care - Rehabilitation and health restoration

Identify the types of health care settings in which (primary, secondary and tertiary care)are practiced.
Primary - School health services,Occupational health services, Physician’s offices,
Clinics,Nursing centers,
Parish nursing

Secondary -Hospital/medical centers,Emergency departments,
Medical units,Intensive care
Psychiatric facilities, Rural hospitals,Rehabilitation centers

Tertiary care - Agencies on aging,Nursing facilities
Assisted living,Adult day care centers,Hospice

What is palliative care?
Providing comfort and treatment of symptoms.
What level of Health Care Service do pallative and rehabilitation fall under?
tertiary care
When does discharge planning for the patient begin?
As soon as a client is admitted to the agency.
What is “continuity of care” and “seamless care”?
Uninterrupted, continuous care.
Examples of “continuity of care” and “seamless care”?
Care across the lifespan
Discharge planning
Preparing client to go home
Home health care
Home health care teaching

What is collaboration?
Increasingly important due to > number of practitioners specializing versus the generalist.
Must work as a member of a team.
Nurses collaborate on all levels: client, bioethical, legislation, research, and professional organizations.

What are the key competencies (also called key elements) necessary for collaboration.
Mutual respect
Decision Making

What is the difference between a community and population
A community is a collection of people who share some attribute of their lives and interact with each other in some way.⬝
A population is people who share some common characteristics but do not necessarily interact with each other.⬝

What is caregiver role strain?
When physical, emotional, social, and financial burdens that can seriously jeopardize their own health and well being.
What are the signs of a caregiver role strain?
Difficulty performing routine tasks for the client, reports of declining physical energy and insufficient time for caregiving. Concern and anxiety, feeling of anger and depression, damatic change in the home environments appearance.
what is the Health Promotion Model?
Not a disease oriented. Motivated by personal, positive approach to wellness, seeks to expand positive.
What are the stages of Health Behavior Change?

what are factors that affect health care adherence?
How much change is necessary
Perceived severity
Value placed on reducing threat of illness

What is the concept of adherence ?
is the extent to which an individuals behaviors coincides with medical and health advice.
Describe functions of the family.
Protecting physical health
Providing an environment conducive to physical growth and health
Influencing the cognitive and psychosocial growth of its members
Each family has values and beliefs that are unique that shape the family’s structure, methods of interaction, health care practices, and coping mechanism

List and describe types of families.
Gay and Lesbian
Single Adults Living Alone

What is the purpose of the family assessment?
Gives an overview of the family process and helps the nurse identify areas that need further investigation.
There are different types of theories that may be used by nurses seeking to study the basis of nursing practice. When the goal of a theory is to speculate on why phenomena occur, it is termed a:
There are different types of theories that may be used by nurses seeking to study the basis of nursing practice. When the goal of a theory is to speculate on why phenomena occur, it is termed a:

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