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Mythopoeic Poems
The conscious creation of a muth; the creation of personal or private mythology.
A yearning for the past, often in idealized form.
"Return poem"
A poem in which the speaker/poet details going back to some place from the past (usually childhood and before transcendental moment) to find that the place seems to have changed, but in reality it is the speaker/poet that has.
Elegaic Distich
A distched comprising a dactylic hexameter followed by a pentameter.
Dactylic Hexameter
Ovidian elegaic meter
The philosophical theory that human beings are innately divine, and Gods presence abides in each individual, meaning that they are capable of discovering transcendental categories of knowledge (time, causality, morality)

a poem that recounts a story and has been composed to song
A long, serious poem lyric poem that treats a noble/elevated subject in a dignified and calm manner.
The attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a God, animal, or object.
The philosophy that Bliss Carmen founded, that postulates an ideal harmony between the body, mind and the soul.
A figure of speech in which the part is made to represent the whole.
Narrative poem
A poem that tells a story.
The practice on the part of people in positions of authority, of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates 'best' interest.
Sapphic Stanza
A stanzaic form where the meter is traditionally used by classical & post-classical poets for writing odes, hymns etc.
The trope of the "Canadian Landscape"
The metaphor for the fact that the Canadian landscape is harsh & unforgiving, it's about 'Survival' (Atwood). Survival of the Canadian canon/Canadian poet's attempt to establish themselves as a poet in a post-colonial nation.
Term used to describe melancholy works with exotic settings & situations; has emphasis on subjective experience, innovation, imagination and the individual.
Cosmopolitan Poetry
Poetry that responds to what Canadian life has in common with life makes a heroic effort to transcend colonialism.
Native Poetry
Poetry that discusses local area/landscape with themes of virility and masculinity. These poets saw themselves as being descendents of all other Confederation poets.
Literary writing that reveals and highlights the alienation of individuals and the meaninglessness of human existence. In the context of Canadian poetry, the postmodernist landscape is an extension/metaphor for the human consciousness.
Short-story Cycle
A series of short stories that are linked together or associated with one another in some significant way.
Roman a Clef
A work of fiction in which actual persons are presented under fictitious names.
A person who publicly praises or flatters someone else
The use of irony/wit & sarcasm to expose humanity's vices/foibles, giving impetus to change or reform through ridicule. Two types: direct and indirect satire.
Direct Satire
Satire with a first-person narrator who either directly addresses the reader or character. Two types: Horatian and Juvenalian.
Horatian Satire
A form of direct satire that pokes fun a humble foils with a witty, indulgent tone.
Juvenalian Satire
A form of direct satire that denounces human vice and error in dignified and solemn tones.
Indirect Satire, Menippean
Satire whereby satiric effect is achieved through the author's use of exaggeration and non-sequitor. (Satire through presentation and representation).
A doctrine that identifies God w/ the universe or regards the universe as a manifestation of God
Snore Comics
Poetry that uses a mix of typography and drawing.
Concrete Poetry
The presentation of poems as a concrete shape; the use of pictorial typography to produce a poem with visual elements; sometimes involves the use of diverse media in the production of poetry.
Emergent Poetry
The use of cryptographic tricks w/ letters in poetry
Occasional Poem
A poem written about a specific occasion, person or place rather than a general subject.
Nativist Poetry
Poetry specifically about the Canadian landscape, influenced by Romanticism and is unrealistic (forced patriotism)
Portmanteau Word
A word formed by combining two or more words.
Glossa Form:
First stanza in a poem is taken from another well-known poet. The tenth line of each stanza is created from the original poem as an expansion.
The use of many languages in one document. The appropriation of both languages to communicate an identity that both would languages would deny.
The perception/awareness of a discrepancy or incongruity between words ad the reality they represent.

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