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Energy effects Quiz


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The sun is made of hydrogen, helium and other gasses. Explain the nuclear reaction that takes place on the sun tp produce heat and light
The nucleus of 2 hydrogen protons come together which makes helium, whch is a nuclear reaction which creates energy, heat, and light.
While fishing with my father many years ago, my bobber came off my fishing line ona calm windless day. As a passing boat created a wake, the waves reached my bobber, and i worried the waves would carry my bobber away from the boat. My father told me not
Instead of moving matter waves move energy. But energy that travels in a wave moves matter up down or side to side. But does not move matter with a wave
What would happen if you placed UV beafs in sunlight, But behind a pane of glass
The sun would shine on the pane of glass and the glass would reflect the sunlight hitting the beads causing them to absorb the UV rays and change color
What is the main difference between a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave. Give one example of a transverese wave and a longitudinal wave.
A transverese wave has dips and crest while a longitudinal wave goes parell to the line. An example of a transverese wave is a water wave. An example of a longitudinal wave is a asound wave.
through which Medium (Solid, Liquid, or gas does sound travel fastest?
Solid because the particals are closer together and it is eaasy for the vibration to touch each parical.
Describe how you heard the singing rod.
The vibration of the rod moved to through you'r ear canal and to your ear drum

While watching a western movie at a theater, you see train robbers waiting for a train to come down the track. They put there ear to the metal track why would they do this?
you would put your ear the metal track so you could hear the vibration and if the vibration got stronger that would mean the train would be getting closer.
while watching a scientific movie a scene shows a spacecraft explodind with a bright light and you hear a loud explosion. What is scientifacly wrong with this scene?
There are very few atoms in space so there would be no sound in space

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