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CHEM 1360 EXAM 3


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what is not a property of acids?
feels slippery on the skin
what is not a property of a base?
react with salts to form acids
in general, when water solutions of an acid and base are mixed...
a salt and water are formed
a common substance that contains lactic acid is...
lemons taste sour due to?
citric acid
mild antiseptic
stomach acid
battery acid
drain cleaner
when dissolved in water, an acid usually forms?
H+ ions and anions
arrhenius acid
produces H+ in water
arrhenius base
produces OH- in water
bronsted acid
H+ ion donor
bronsted base
H+ ion acceptor
selenic acid, H2SeO4, is an extremely corrosive acid that when heated is capable of dissolving gold. it is very soluble in water. the anhydride of selenic acid is?
zinc hydroxide, Zn(OH)2, is used as an absorbent in surgical dressings. the anhydride of zinc hydroxide is?
strong base
weak acid
weak acid
strong acid
weak acid
strong base
weak base
acetic acid reacts with water to form?
CH3COO- + H3O+
ammonia reacts with water to form?
NH4+ + OH-
when acids and bases are mixed?
they neutralize each other
what amount in moles of hydrochloric acid is needed to neutralize 1.5 mol of sodium hydroxide?
1.5 mol
what amount in moles of hydrochloric acid is needed to neutralize 2.4 mol of calcium hydroxide?
4.8 mol
what amount in moles of sodium hydroxide is needed to neutralize 1.5 mol of phosphoric acid?
4.5 mol
the hydrogen ion concentration, [H+], of a 0.0010 M HNO3 solution is?
1.0 X 10^-3 M
what is the pH of a solution that has a hydrogen ion concentration of 1.0 X 10^-11 M?
pool water with a pH of 8 has a hydrogen ion concentration of?
1.0 X 10^-8 M
the pH of pure water is?
which of the following is a reasonable pH for 0.15 M HCl?
which of the following is a reasonable pH for 0.15 M NaOH?
physiological pH (7.4) is the average pH of blood. what is a reasonable hydrogen ion concentration of solution at physiological pH?
4 X 10^-8
what is a conjugate acid-base pair?
HCN and CN-
what is not paired with its bronsted-lowry conjugate base or conjugate acid?
a buffer solution is made from formic acid (HCOOH) and sodium formate (HCOONa). added acid will react with?
what can be combined to make a buffer?
what is a precursor to acid rain?
sulfur dioxide
what is a possible pH of acid rain?
what is a common antacid ingredient?
when a person with excess stomach acid takes an antacid, the pH of the person's stomach changes?
from a low value to a value nearer 7
the leading chemical product of U.S. industry is?
sulfuric acid
the acid used in the automobile storage battery is?
sulfuric acid
the base often used in soap making is?
what is not an example of how we view oxidation?
electrons gained
what (partial) equation represents an oxidation of nitrogen?
NO2 -> N2O5
when MnO4- reacts to form Mn^2+, the manganese in MnO4- is?
reduced; it loses oxygen
what partial equation represents a reduction of molybdenum?
MoO2 + 4 H2 -> Mo + 2 H2O
in the reaction, 3 Cl2 + 2 Al -> 2 AlCl3, the Cl2 is?
reduced only
in the equation, Mg -> Mg^2+ + 2e-, the magnesium?
loses electrons and is oxidized
when an element is oxidized, its oxidation number?
increases as electrons are lost
a reducing agent?
loses electrons
which substances is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction? Cu(s) + 2 Ag+(aq)-> Cu^2+(aq) + 2Ag(s)
in the following reaction, the reducing agent is? Al(s) + Cr^3+(aq) -> Al^3+(aq) + Cr(s)
what is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction? Zn(s) + 2Tl+(aq) -> Zn^2+(aq) + 2Tl(s)
what is the reducing agent in the following equation? 12H+(aq) + 2IO3-(aq) + 10Fe^2+(aq) -> 10 Fe^3+(aq) + I2(s) + 6 H2O(l)
in the electrochemical cell with the reaction described by the following equation, the negative electrode is? Zn(s) + Cu^2+(aq) -> Zn^2+(aq) + Cu(s)
in a dry cell, the anode is ____ and the cathode is ____?
Zn, C
in an electrochemical cell composed of two half-cells, ions flow from one half-cell to another by means of?
a porous partition
for the following reaction, the oxidation half-equation is: Mg + CuO -> MgO + Cu
Mg -> Mg^2+ + 2 e-
in the lead storage battery, the product of both the cathode and anode reactions is?
the fluid in the chamber of a lead-acid battery is?
sulfuric acid
the overall electricity-producing reaction in the H2/O2 feul cell is?
2 H2(g) + O2(g) -> 2 H2O(g)
the reaction at the cathode is?

O2(g) + 4 H+ + 4 e- -> 2 H2O
what type of reaction is the corrosion of iron?
corrosion of aluminum is not as big a problem as corrosion of iron because aluminum?
forms an oxide layer that is firmly stuck to the surface
silver tarnish is mainly?
in a typical explosive reaction, which of the following usually occurs?
liquids or solids are converted to gases
black powder is a mixture of charcoal (carbon), potassium nitrate, and sulfur. the oxidizing agent in black powder is?
potassium nitrate
when CH4 is burned in plentiful air, the products are?
CO2 + H2O
when sulfur burns in plentiful air, the product is?
what is a common oxidizing agent?
what else is a common oxidizing agent?
the main active ingredient in common household bleach, often called "chlorine bleach" is?
bleach for hair usually contains?
hydrogen peroxide
many disinfectants are?
oxidizing agents
what is a common reducing agent?
what else is a common reducing agent?
all the following metals are acceptable catalysts for reactions involving hydrogen gas except?
a catalyst changes the rate of a chemical reaction by?
lowering the activation energy?
by number of atoms, what is the rank of hydrogen in abundance in the accessible portion of Earth?
hydrogen gas can be produced by reacting an active metal such as zinc with?
an acid
although helium is twice as dense as hydrogen gas, modern blimps are filled with helium rather than hydrogen gas because hydrogen is?
highly flammable
the main process by which animals obtain energy from food is?
oxidation of glucose
the only natural process that produces O2 is?

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