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psych 331 spousal homicide


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occurs when a person directly or indirectly by any means causes the death of a human being

homicide is either capable (murder, manslaughter) or non capable

first degree murder
it is planned or deliberate
the vicitim is a person employed and acting in the course of his work as a prevervation of peace, prison gaurd police officer

the death is caused by a person commiting or attempting to commit certian serous offences

second degree murder
all murder that is not first degree
culpable homicide that is not murder or infanticide

it is generally considered to be homicide commited in the heat of passion by sudden provication.

chris henriquez
double murder wife an daughter
wife told him she was leaving because he wouldent change careers

Pre homicide
no known history of domestic voilence
wife had greater relationship power drove him around/ he didnt have a driver licence seemed depdant on his wife


Crawford and Garner
297 had prevous recorded hisotires of domestic violence
166 had prior threats to women
130 had prior police intervention.

estrangment is a huge risk factor for spousal homicide most of the time they use a knife.
reactive abandonment killing
ocurs during failed attempt to ward of abandonment
weapon is fund at location by perp

1) extreme voilence - overkill
2) poor or little memory - amnesia
3) little or no attempt to conceal the crime
4)desperation flight- frequently toward a home secure base

suicide ideation.

Campbell predict from which variables are predictive of spousal homicide
largest differences were for

increasing severity of abuse
partner threatened to choke
partner controlling behaviors
partner threatened to kill.

Brodie Waldrat
murder pregnant girlfreind also raped her

pre homicide
does not remember hitting victim or raping her

post homiside

changed his shirt but not his pants

drove to CA, were he fell assleep in his car


put in foster home by parents when he was 5
never had a steady girlfreind until this one

Mark Fregia
35 year old african american male

set his wife on fire and 2 children on fire with gasoline

childhood issues
fregia had been abandoned by his father
also abandoned by mother who left him with her mother at age 1

double abandonment plus grew up in a abusive houshold.

pre homicide
history of depression
borderline personality disroder
cocaine abuse

post homcidide
stole a car and drove to san fransico.

OJ simpson
girlfreind of the month plus is wife was leaving after attempted reconcilation

post homicide
flies to chigao on red eye
then slow speed chase, disguise in bag

not guilty but got sued

father abandonment was a prfessional femaile impersonator.

schore on spousal homicide
emtional structures governing emtion, develop during the primitive phase of timester to the first 18 months maximal growth spurt for right hemispher.
inability to govern reaction to abandonment may form his mis attunement at this age.
disorganized attachment
disorganized attachment style for children of frightened frightening mothers
suffer from unresolved trauma
tend to dissoctive dissorders, multiple personality

in adults, dissocaitve tendencies emerge during abandonment ie dissocative rage state.

Baumeister Suicide as escape from self
the self becomes aversive when: current outcomes or circumstances far fall below the standards produce by unrealsiticly high expecation,

internal attributions are made so that outcomes are blamed on the self and create negative implications about the self

3. an aversive state of high self awareness develops from painfull comparisons of the self with relevant standards

also produces negative affect.

person tries to escape by removing the painlfully meaningfull comparison through the numb state of cognitive deconstruction

cognative deconstruction
diminuation of higher meaning
foreshortened sence of future
aware of self only in concrete ways
focus on proximal immediate tasks
past is filled with assocaitons of aversive affect leads to focus on present.
inability to imagine a happy future

deconstructed thinking and homicide
atrribution of cuase of aversive self ocncept to other produces hormicidal act instead of suicide act called projective introjective cycling
MO summary of dutton study spousal homiccdie
more likely reactive than planned
usual weapon is found at scene
seperation often a issue

instrumental vs estrangement Murders
antisocail = instrumental

dependant self defeating and avoidant - estrangment

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