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Who are the owners of Top of the Hill?
Scott Maitland and Joseph Smith
Bar Managers?
David Bell, Mark Belk
Brew Masters?
John Withey, George Dusek, Blake Valiquette, Aaron Caracci
Events coordinators?
Hallie Sessoms & Melinda Wiggins
100 E. Franklin St
Opening date?
Sept. 5, 1996 (day of Hurricane Fran)
When did The Great Room and Back Bar open?
January 21, 2010
What are the three banquet halls of The Great Room called, what are their capacities?
Great Room = 120 seated/180 standing
Tank Room = 40/60
Franklin Room = 30/50

What was previously located at the site that is now Top of the Hill?
A Texaco gas station, AKA “the Happy Store"
"The Social Crossroads of Chapel Hill"
Affiliated restaurants?
Bobby Van's Steakhouse in NYC, The Hamptons and Washington D.C.
Hours of Operation?
11AM-2AM 7 days a week

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