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Usuallt dry
Chenin Blanc
soft fruits with light sweetness
full-bodied with fruit and spice
fruity and sweet
Pinot Grigio
full-bodied, slightly sweet
Sauvignon Blanc
very dry and acidic with citrus flavors
Cabernet Sauvignon
full-bodied, dark and inky, big tannin structure, dark berries
full- bodied with some tannin, spice and red fruit
Petit Syrah
very deep, rich, and inky with medium tannin
Pinot Noir
light often very astringent depending on amount of oak aging; widely thought of as the best wine in the world
rich, smoky cedar and black fruit
vary widely from earthy tones to jammy fruits; America's truly unique grape variety
What are Tannins?
Tannins are the astringent quality of red grape skins, added to the wine while aging. Tannins make red wines feel dry.

What is Residual Sugar?
Residual sugar is sugar that is left over after fermentation and makes the wine sweet. Residual sugar is present when fermentation is stopped before all of the sugar is converted into alcohol.
What are the 5 "Noble Grapes"?
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot.
What is "Blanc de Blanc"?
White wine from white grapes.
What is "Blanc do Noirs"?
White wine from red grapes.
What is the wine capsule?
The capsule is the seal over the mouth of a corked bottle of wine.
What is the "punt"? What is the purpose?
The Punt is the concave indent of the bottom of a wine bottle. It gives strength to the bottle and provide a narrow confine for sediment.
What is Champagne?
Champagne is a sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir, Noir Meunier, or Chardonnay. Only wine produced in Champagne, France may be called Champagne.
Where does Chianti come from and from what grape is it made?
Chianti is a wine from Tuscany, Italy and is made from Sangiovese.
What does Crianza mean?
Crianze is the basis of the age for the wines of Spain. Wine must be aged for two years with a minimum of one year in oak barrels.

What is Esswein?
Eiswein is a rare and intensely sweet wine produced very late in the season from grapes harvested in a frozen state.
What does "Estate Bottled" mean?
"Estate Bottled" means that the wine was bottle on the same property from which its grapes were grown.
What is a vintner?
A vintner is the person who grows the grapes.
What is a fortified wine? Examples?
A fortified wine is a wine to which brandy has been added. Port, sherry, marsala, and madeira are all fortified wines.
What is Kir? Kir Royale?
Kir (pronounced keer) is a wine apertif made from dry white wine and creme de cassis. Kir Royale is champagne (or sparkling wine) and creme de cassis.
What is Oenology?
Oenology is the science of wine-making.
What are the sulfites and why are they used? Who do some people ask about them?
Sulfites are the non-metallic elements of sulfur. They are dusted on vines during the summer months to prevent disease and mildew. They are also used to sterilize oak casks, prevent re-fermentation in order to preserve residual sugars, and to kill harmful yeast and bacteria. Some people ask about sulfites because they are allergic to them. Organic wines do not contain sulfites.
How should you present white wine?
White wine should be presented with a chilled metal cooler. No ice is necessary if the cooler is chilled. Do not wrap the bottle in a linen or cloth, as that will insulate it against the chiller. You may place a linen around the neck of the bottle, as with red wines.
When you have completed your wine test, you must properly present a bottle of wine to a manager.

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