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earths atmosphere quiz (work)


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What is Smog? How does it form?
Smog is Pollution. It forms when sunlight reacts with ozone and vehical exhaust.
What is the ozone hole? how does it form? What are two consequences of the ozone hole?
The ozone hole is the thinning of the ozone layer. Sometimes causing a hole in the layer. It forms bye allowing harmfull ultraviolet radation from the sun to hit earth. Two conseaquences are it can cause skin cancer and damage genes.
describe the three ways the earth's at.mosphere is heated by the sun.

Conduction: Curents are created as warm air rises and cool air sinks.
Radation: The transfer of energy by elctro magnetic waves.
Thermal Conduction: Near the earths surface air is heated.

What is acid precipitation? How does it form? State to effects of acid precipitation on the enviroment.
Rain, snow and slee that contains higher then normal concentration of acid. It forms when fossil fuels are burned they release sulfer dixiode and nitrogen oxide in to the atmosphere. Two effects of acid precipitation on the enviroment are that it casues toxic chemicals to be absorbed by plant roots. Also has damaged forest many times killing trees.
Describe the Troposphere.
Troposphere: The lowest layer of the atmosphere, in which tempertures decreases at a constant rate as altitude in creases.
describe the stratosphere.
Stratosphere: the layer of the atmosphere that is above the troposphere and in which temperature increaes as altitude increaes.
describe the mesophere.
Meosphere: the layer of the atmosphere between the stratosphere and thermosphere and in which temperatures decreases as altitude in creaes.
Describe the thermosphere.
Thermosphere: The upermost layer of the atmosphere, in which tepmeratures increase as altitude increaes.

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