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an outbreak caused by Mosquitoes (fever, muscle & back pain)
Yellow Fever
A Ship lost at a terrible hurricane at sea
*Wrecked on the coral rocks
*Christophe Newport as captain
*within distance of Bermuda

"Sea Venture"
Discovered Bermuda
Juan de Bermudes
Ships constructed to sail to Jamestown by settlers at Bermuda
"Patience" & "Deliverance"
in charge of the "Deliverance" served in British navy
Lord de la Warr
Threw in prison by Robert Devaro, became England's King/Queen's private counsel advisor (De la Warr)
Sir Thomas West
What are the two instructions given by the Virginia Company to do to the Indians in the New World?
1. kidnap Indian children and hold them as hostages (didn't happen)

2. kill off Senior advisors of Indian Tribes

What war did WEst start due to the 2nd instruction from the Virginia Company?
Anglo-Powatin War
Who did west leave in charge while he went to England.
*hanged ppl

Samuel Argayll
One of the Indian boys sent to learn about Englishmen; killed my Machumps
Powatin's "son"sent to learn about Englishmen; killed Namontack
1st permanent settler on Atlantic coast; liked by Indians and learned their ways OWNED 9,000 ACRES...when he died his estate went to probate.
Thomas Savage
*took command after la Warr
* governor 2ce

Thomas Dale
*governor of Henrico
*overcame famine and epidemics
Sir Thomas Gates
name of place where Gates was governer..better than Jamestown
An Indian Princess who *saved* John Smith
The name tha Pocahontas took as a Christian
Pocahontass husband; took her to england
John Rolfe
a group or small fleet of ships
*people invested in this
*looking for profit
*joint stak company
*Virginia Company
*had trade agreement with Indians
*Member of Virginia Company
*Poisoned Indians (20 died)

Captain William Tucker
*helped save the colony
*hated by King James
*involved lots of work`

claimed tobacco to be a cure for 36 different ailmans
Dr. Monardes
A writer that wanted to stop tobacco claiming it was addictive
Sir Francis Bacon
*agreed to work 5-7 yrs (12 for better jobs)
*could bid on you
indentured servants
1619; Important Year
5 "Firsts"
*Dutch brought first boatload of Africans
A wealthy African landowner who started the concept of slavery in America
Anthony Johnson
*a slave who was not free
*a custom NOT law
John Caser
An expert in silkworms who died on his way to the New World with his project
Dr. Lawrence Bohune
The ship that Lawrence rode on and crashed
Margaret & John
What are the five "firsts"?
*Labor Strike
*Own Land

Who made the laws in which governing the colonies?
Elected House of Burgesses
What is a society in which many people can come?
Pluralistic Society
an artist that came to the New World and was killed by the Tuscarora Chief
John Lawson

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