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Math Intro Final Exam


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a rule that tells how one thing depends on another. for each input there is one and only one output
4 Ways to Represent Functions:
1. Formula or Equation
2. Table of Values
3. Graph
4. Words

A function that approximates real data or a real phenomenon
Where do we look for the minimum and maximum values of a function?
1. Peaks
2. Valley
3. Endpoints

A linear function is a function whose rate of change is ________.
Exponential functions grow or decay be repeated _______.
When an exponential function is growing, what do we know about the growth factor a?
A is greater than 1
List situations in which an exponential model would be appropriate:
1. Radioactive Decay
2. Population Growth
3. Frequencies of Musical Scale
4. Compound Interest

List logarithmic scales and what they measure:
1. Richter scale-intensity of earthquakes
2. pH scale acidity and alkalinity of solutions
3. Decibel scale-intensity of sound
4. Magnitude-brightness of stars

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