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Cell processes quiz


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List the following terms in order of complexity, starting with the least complex. Then give an example for each term
(organ system cell organ tissue)
Tissue-Cardiac mustle system
Organ-System-Digestive system

Define diffusion. Give two examples of diffusion.
The movement of particals from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. Two examples of Diffusion is on your Lungs and any smell.
Define Osmosis. Give one example of Osmosis.
The diffusion of water through the cells semi-permeable membrane. Onr example of Osmosis is fish going through the water to get air
State two ways that small particals are able to pass through a cell membrane. Give a definition for each term.
Passive transport: The movement of substances acroos the cell membrane with out using energy
Active transport: Themovement of substances acroos the cell membrane that requires the cell to use energy
By what process do cells move large particals in to the cell? Tell what the cell dose during this process,inclding the type of transport involved.
The process that has the cell move large particals into the cell is Endocytosis. What the cell dose during this process is it encloses the aprtical in a vesile to bring the partical into the cell
In which organelle dose photsynthesis happen?
What cells preform photosynthesis
Plant cells
Define Photosynthesis.
where plants use the sun to make sugar and energy
State the conection between respiration and Photosynthesis.
They are both ways to make food for the cells

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