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Presidential stack


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Only US president to remain single
James Buchanan
First US Vice-President to become president
John Adams
President paralyzed by a stroke in 1919
Woodrow Wilson
In 1823 warned Europe to save out of American affairs
James Monroe (Monroe Doctrine)
First president to die in office-1841
William Henry Harrison

In 1968 this republican pair defeated Hubert Humphrey and Edward Muskie
Nixon and Agnew
two delegates to the Constitutional Convention who became US Presidents
Gorge Washington and James Madison
This president was the first to suffer an assassination attempt, occurring on January 30, 1835
Andrew Jackson
Name the year that Carter and Mondale defeated Ford and Dole
Name the year that Democrats Wilson and Marshall defeated Bull Moose Party Progressives Roosevelt and Johnson
name the only president to appoint a relative to a cabinet position, that of attorney general
John F. Kennedy appointed his brother Bobby Kennedy
The only president to complete his term without making any changes to his cabinet
Franklin Pierce
To which president to we attribute the famous line "Read my lips, no new taxes"
George H. W. Bush
Which president was the first to win a Nobel Peace Prize?
Theodore Roosevelt
Which president was the first to hold his inauguration outdoors?
James Madison
This president served as both Secretary of State and Vice-President under Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
He smoked 20 cigars a day, which probably caused the throat cancer that resulted in his death.
Ulysses S. Grant
The only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.
Grover Cleveland
The only president to earn a Ph.D. degree.
Woodrow Wilson
In 1933this president launched the "New Deal" relief measures,
Franklin Roosevelt
He was the first president graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy.
Jimmy Carter
He was Vice President under Zachary Taylor.
He never ran for President. He became President after the death of Zachary Taylor.
Millard Fillmore
He was the first president to make a radio broadcast. The year was 1923.
Calvin Coolidge
The only US president to remain single.
James Buchanan
He was the first president born in the state of Arkansas and the first to be a Rhodes scholar.
Bill Clinton

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