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prep 8,10,11 colour coding


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what is a benefit of colour coding
what does colour coding tell us

what happens if there is more colur
too complex
will the band effect the grasp
what materials can we use for colour coding
where should the band be on a single working end instrument
handel opposite working end
where is the band positioned on a double working end instrument
middle not way of working end
should all the instruments on the procedures tray be the same
what do the bands not tell us
if missing

what colur is cda in vcc
what color is denturist
what colour is hygenist staff
what colour is hygine student
all colours
what does green mean on a hand piece
go steriale
what does red mean on a hand piece
stop non sterile
when should procedure trays be set up
ahead of time
when should trays be set up
before after sterilizing
down time

when should instruments be bagged
for steralization
when should instruments be unbagged
before use
where should unbagged instruments be kept
metal cassete with cover for steralization not removed after
what is the purpose of a tray set up
op turn around
not known procedure set up
more patients
patient no wait
steralization organized efficent

what type of trays are there
succtianal with slots
cassette trays

what do trays procede
what do tubs procede
define armaterium
materials/instruments for given procedure
what are hand instrument
instrument manipulated by operators hand
what are rotary instruments
attach power to source
what are dissposibles
paper or plastic that cant be cleaned or steralized
what are nondisposible
can be cleaned or steralized
what are the benefits of front surface mirror
reflecting on front
no enlarging
no ghost

what is concave mirror
what is flat surface mirror
distort image
what is two sided mirror
has two sides
what is slow hand piece used for
remove soft decay
finishing proghylaxis

what is high speed handpiece run on
air and water
what is high speed hand piece used for
tooth structure
tooth prep

what is high speed fiber optic light
less eye strain
improve visiblity
what is laser
soft tissue vaporize decayed tooth
what is air abrasion
aluminum oxide particles through small probe
what is air abrasion purpose
stain removal
class I -VI prep
endodontic accses
crown margin
prep tooth for cementation cast restoration

uses of mirror
indirect vision see area mouth unseen direct
light reflection direct light area unseen operating light
tranillumination reflect light through teeth
tissue protect

what does explorer do
examine tooth structure
why we use explorer


discripency tooth
treatment liner
selant material
removal debris
remove resodial cements

what is shepards hook
examine supragingival and procedure
subgingival straighter then sickle distinct bend
what do cotton pliers do
place objects
transfer cotton pellets
cotton roll

define perodental probe
examine teeth and soft tissue
what does the hve do
no debris

what does the saliva ejector do
remove water and blood
what does air water syringe tip do
utilizes air,water or both
what is the handel
what the operator holds
what is the shank
attach to working end thickness states how much pressure before damage
what is the working end
allows operator to work
how many working ends shanks and handels does the single end instrument have
one shank , handel and working end
how many working ends shanks and handels does the double end instrument have
one handel 2 shanks 2 working ends
what is the design name
school individual responsible for development and design of instrument
what does the design number indentify
specific instrument
what is the number three formula
width blade
length blade
angle blade

what is the number four formula
width blade
angle cutting edge
length blade
angle blade and long axis handel

what happens if the instrument number is big
the size is bigger
what do the letter abbreviations indicate
abrevitations type of instrument
does the slow hand piece have water
no, only air

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