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prep 9


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why do you need proper grasp
finger tip sensitivity
decreased hazard
no fingertip fatigue

when do we use palm grasp
wider flat instrument
where do we place palm thumb grasp
narrow or wide bend working end
where do we use pen grasp
on shank and handel rest between knuckle inside finger
what is palm grasp
rear fingers and thumb between knuckle inside finger
where does the palm thumb grasp be positioned
holding to working end
what is ferclum
suppourt rest lever turns in mouth
what is finger rest
finger on tooth hand turn
what is stabability
controled action
what is unit control
focal point hand can move one unit
what is injury prevention
irregular pressure uncontrolled movement
how do we boost patients confort and confidence
have secure instruments
what is length stroke control
limit instrumation where needed
define objective of ferclum
adaption instrument
maintence effective grasp
appropriate alligination
instrument stabibiliy control

when ferclum where should our fingers be placed
ring finger does ferclum baby finger near bye
where should our finger be on palm
thumb on tooth
where should the furclum be
close to tooth
same quad
same arch

define supplemental
no dominant hand finger occlusal adjacent working area
define rienforce
support between instrument handle working end to provide strength
what do you need to do to control forclum finger
balance action
what does instrument pressure result in
no stability/control
over tight grasp
fatigue mandible/
clinician hand and fingers

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