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unit 10 instrument transfer


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what is a dental unit
hand piece
hve system
air/water delivery system

what is front delivery
equipent over chest toward mouth patient
define side delivery
unit at operator and assistant chair
what is rear delivery
behind patient head
are carts mobile and non mobile
if not delivery where are the hve and airway water systems
what is a cart
assistants work area
when assistant is faceing patient where is their cart
infront of the assistant
when the operator is right where do they sit
patient right
when a operator is left where do they sit
patient left
where do the assistant sit
opposite of operator always
why is four handed dentistry beneficial
flow of procedure
increase efficency
reduce chair time
increase patient confort
decrease stress and fatigue

why would four handed dentistry be non successful for the opeator
no utilize axillary
why would four handed dentistry not be beneficial for the auxillary
no knowledge
lack skill technique

what are the three people associated with three handed dentistry
extra axillary

what does extra axillary do
mix material
mix material
transfer instruments

what do you need to do when transfering instrument
know sequence
operator needs
woeking position pass
operator doesnt move hand
no move eyes

when do you use both hand transfer process
heavy instrument
when do you use one hand
when retriving and placeing
how do you transfer handpice in front
over patient to transfer zone
how do you transfer handpices in rear delivery
behinde patient head operator puts it in operating field
how do we transfer liners and cements
how do we transfer medicaments
dappen dish
how do we transfer amalgam
how do we transfer bonding material
applicator brush
topical anistetic
on swab
what are sundrie supplies
cotton roll/pellets
dry angles
finishing strip
dental dam

what are saftey precautions for movment outside of the mouth?
only done in transfer area
what is the saftey precaution for picking up instruments?
secure pick up and delivery
what is the saftey precaution for holding instruments
secure grip
what is the safety precaution for movement
no tense movement
what is the saftey precaution for delivering instrument
positive pressure to operator ensure in place
what is the safety precaution for instruments and patients
do not leave on napkin
what is the safety precaution for patient movement
avoid contain g patient sharp instrument

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