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psych 331 war on drugs Gardner


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menica de Greiff
publicly declared the war as futile, his formerly close relationships with the united states immediately scoured. not long after they accused de greiff of corruption. Until he ultimately lost his American visa.
most famous liberalizing countries
dutch made it possible to possess marijuana and sell it it tightly regulated shops
most research shows that far fewer dutch teenagers use marijuana than do American teens

has been working towards safe injection rooms, clean medically supervised sites where herion addicts can inject without fear of arrest

Americans did not want to to break from their hard line policy

threatened to take away thier 140 million dollar medical poppy industry through influence in the UN.

what happened when escobar and the Cali cartels were destroyed
a group of much less centrally organized cartels pooped up
they got more small operators, freelancers, the next generation of traffickers who tended to be even more ruthless and unpredictable.
how does cocaine business work in Columbia
columbian cartel gets unrefined cocaine rom peru and boliva and they processed it into cocaine and shit it to the US and Canada
leftists guerillas who held effective control over huge swaths of columbia
encoruaged trafficers to develop coca and opuim poppu on their lands and exchange it for the protection from the goverment rebels, taxed the drug producers
Paramilitaries (Columbia)
- Also paramilitary groups also terrorize innocent peasants usually to frighten the population away from supporting the rebels. But sometimes it’s also done to force farmers to turn over their property to the paramilitary’s financial backers.
- Paramilitary became a power themselves ripe with corruption. Heavily involved in refining and selling drugs themselves.

Monica De Greiff
responsible for signing the extradition orders to the states for drug dealsers, life in constant danger lasted nine months she resigned adn flet to miami with her family
who took over after the cali cartell
no longer could police focuse on a few major targets. inflaration too more difuclt because the groups were so small.
more violent small gangs
benning in 1992
the planting of coca expanded rapidly in columbia, if 5 years the amount of coca growin in columbia doubled.
in 1995 why did drug production soar in columbia
crackdowns in columbia and peru and fungus.
Plan Columbia
- It’s a plan for Columbia by the United States 1.3 billion dollar us aid package for the war on drugs.
- Human’s rights activist worry that the drive will intensify murder and terror directed at civil farms standard tactic used by all sides.

whats wrong with the rising prices argument
first the assumption that price and consumption are joined at the hip is dubious. cocaine prices in the united states peaked in the late 1970s exactly when american consumption of cocaine reached an all time high
whats stoping people from switching crops
double the money for the crops, a lick of instratructure for getting other goods to markets, instead of door to door drug pickups

easiest crop to produce

Rand Study (columbia)
found treatment to be vastly more effective at reducing drug use suggest the opportunity costs for crop suppression are enormous.
what are the two big mexican cartels
tijuana, Juarez
in 1995 in Mexico, one drug lord was found to be laying out 40 million per month in payoffs.
"disorganized" crime in Mexico
these small groups are without cheifs. low level trafficers spawn low level violence and curuption.

disorganized crime sticks to paying off local police judges adn beurcrats.

patront saint of smugglers is
jesus malverde
operation Conquistador
a year long investigation in the carribbean adn central south america, that ended with the siezure of 2,331 arrest and the siezure of 5000 kilograms of cocaine and 362 tonnes of majrijuana.
in 1998 the GAO reported
narcotics production remains at a high level and supplies are available to the unted states remains plentiful
the united nations estimate that it would take the interception of ... percent of international drug shipments to substantially reduce profitability of drug trafficking.
enough cociine to supply the united states could fit in ... containers
today 60 percent or more of the cocaine coming into the united states travels via central america and mexico.
in 1982 cocaine purity had risen by 30 percebt hieron 40 percent stogner
overdose deaths are highest
British Columbia
in britsh columbia what is proportion of injectors infected with HIV HEP B or C
buy a bust
a mind minding his own buisness apporached by police officers hoping he would commit a crime if they mentioned maraijuan
what year was it legalized
rcmp claimed that
50 percent of people in jail were high at the times they commited thier crimes.
a 1993 statistics Canada study survey of wife assaults 29 [percent of incidence alcohol was the precipitating factor
only 1 percent the same about illegal drugs
swiss project gave herion to 1100 addicts found that
the percentage of income the addicts derived from illegal activty rapidly fell from 69% to 10%
hells angles and rock machine
about 75 percent of their total revenues come from drugs.
what do candain police forces use to reduce corruption
use fewer specalize drug unites, they also keep those better supervised and regular audits
a GAO report
between 1993 and 1997 half of 640 american police officers caught in FBI anti corruption operation and conviced were found guilty of drug related crimes.
Richard Nixon war on drugs
he backed up his rhetoric with new spending and a Drug enforcement Administration (DEA)

it exploded like never before, cocaine use quadupled

in 1905 there were .25-.3 percent of the population of 84 years later
these comparisons show that dutch use of illegal drugs is far lower than in the US. the dtuch rate of herion and addiction is a faction of tha tin the us and is lower than in most european countires.

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