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AS1 rv1 Study Guide


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How many months do you keep the MDR-11(corrosion) report?
12 months
What is the SE tire and wheel publication?
NA 17-1-129
Who finalizes the MMP?
Maintenance Officer
What publication is used to verify WHE (Weight Handling Equip) SE phase II is properly decimated?
NA 00-80T-119
Who designates the CDI?
Maintenance Officer
What is the electrical power supply of the A/S32A-35A?
460 VAC 60 hz +/- 3
If the engine speed of an A/S32A-35A only reaches 1800 RPM, what needs to be adjusted?
Remote Speed Potentiometer
What is not located on the control panel of the A/M26C-17?
What is the BTU of Air Conditioning measured in?
What component changes the direction of drive in a power train?
Universal Joints
What supplies the power in a torque converter?
Pump and Turbine
On a A/M26C-17, what are the four functions?
Pump down, Dehumidify, Cool, OFF
How many forward gears does the transmission of the A/S32A-42 have?
What gear is used for heavy load or incline? (A/S32A-42)
1ST gear
Does the A/S32A-42 have an internal parking lock?
What is the maximum crank starting on the A/S32A-42?
15 seconds
What is the drawbar pull/push of an A/S32A-31 A/B? on dry level concrete?
8,500 lbs.
What kind of steering system does the A/S32A-31 A/B have?
Mechanical with hydraulic power assist
On the TMU-70, what gauge is used to indicate that the converter is full?
Converter Full Indicator (Liquid/Gas Gauge)
On the A/S32A-31A/B (Steering System), what degree angle is the front wheel adjusted to?
45-degree angle
On the Support Equipment split rims, how are the tie bolts torque?
Crisscross pattern torque in increments of 25 percent
On the corrosion theory, what is a negatively charged particle much smaller than an atom?
On the DA 675 / MSM, What does it mean when the WIND SWITCH CLOSED lamp is on?
The cooling fans operate properly
What are the two ways to operate the A/M27T-6?
Hand and Air driven pump
On the A/U26U-1, what is the purity of the oxygen used?
99.5 percent pure
On the A/S32A-42, what is the draw bar pull?
10,000 lbs
How often does QA conduct Work Center audits?
Semi-annually or when requested by work center.
What is the normal operating RPM for the A/M32C-17?
1750 RPM
On the A/S32A-37, what is the difference between ballasted and unballasted?
Ballasted design is capable of 35,000 lbs drawbar pull while the Unballasted is capable of 20,000 lbs.
What section of the NAMP 4790.2A is the Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions located?
Appendix A
How many KVA does the NC-10 MEPP provide?
90 KVA
How long is Level II preservation good for?
0-1 year
On the A/S32A-31 A/B, what type of brakes does it have?
Wet disc type
What is the most frequently used dynamic seal in ship service?
What are the three states of matter?
Solid, Liquid, and Gas
What is the process of changing the chemical composition of a material by passing an electric current through it?
In the FUEL SYSTEM, what integral part comes after the primary fuel filter?
Fuel Pump
According to the NAVPERS Instruction, how many classifications of leave types are there?
Accured, Chargeable, Non-chargeable, and that subject to checkage.
What classification LEVEL is considered "Serious damage to national security"?
What classification LEVEL is considered " Exceptionally grave damage to the national security"?
What is the specific gravity reading for a fully charged single cell lead acid battery?
What is the START CYCLE for a starter?
Maximum of 30 seconds, and then allow it to cool for 2 minutes before trying again
What rectifier is used in alternators and how many are there?
DIODES (Total of 6) 3 positive and 3 negative
The electrochemical deterioration of a metal because of its chemical reaction with the surrounding environment.
Four conditions must exist before corrosion occur. What are they?
1) A metal must be present (the anode) 2) A dissimilar conductive material (the cathode) 3) A conductive liquid (electrolyte) 4) Metal to metal contact

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