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CS-01 Squadron Staff List


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Squadron Commander
C/Lt Col Derek Fiebig
C/SMSgt Chris Remsing
First Sergeant
C/MSgt Paulo Dutra
Director of Operations
C/Maj Liam Stein
Honor Officer
C/Maj Forrest Whitfield
C/Maj To
Honor NCO
C/SMSgt Chris Carte
C/SMSgt Alexander Schultheiss
Executive Officer
C/Capt Kyle Goldsmith
Inoformation Technology NCO
C/TSgt Michael Cousins
Cheif of Safety
C/Capt Damian Franz
Safety NCO
C/TSgt Aaron Schuetze
Asst. Director of Operations
C/Capt Steven Lauver
Operations NCO
C/MSgt Janai Singletary
Academics Officer
C/Capt Greg Hoyt
Academics NCO
C/TSgt Kaila Weber
CHief of Stan/Eval
C/Capt Evan Wise
Drill and Ceremonies NCO
C/TSgt Blaize Angelet
Stan/Eval NCO
C/MSgt Paige Blackburn
Chief of Support
C/Maj Keisha Salandy
Support/MWR Officer
C/1st Lt Jason Breaux
Support/MWR NCO
C/TSgt Michael McKinely
C/TSgt Josh Early
Services/Public Affairs Officer
C/Capt Dan Klimkowski
Community Service Officer
C/1st Lt Chris Fleming
Herritage Officer
C/1st Lt Angelica Canales
Herritage NCO
C/TSgt Spencer Buck
Support/Services NCO
C/TSgt Allen Cameron
C/TSgt Chia-Hsien Chao
Chief of Security
C/Capt Matthew Beath
Security NCO
C/TSgt Lindsey Heath
Chief of Training
C/Capt Jesus Beltran
Asst. Chief of Training
C/1st Lt Sean Dronen
Training NCO
C/TSgt Michael Hauser
C/TSgt David Cleveland-Hadley
Military Training Events Officer
C/Capt Josh Auerbach
Military Training Events NCO
C/TSgt Fred Feigel
Athletics Officer/Recondo C1C
C/Capt Matthew Tasin
Athletics NCO
C/TSgt Robert Belz
A Flight Commander
C/Capt Christopher Severino
Asst A Flight Commander
C/1st Lt Jessica Fischer
A Flight NCO
C/MSgt Mike Zhong
A-1 Element Leader

C/TSgt Victoria Martinez
A-2 Element Leader
C/TSgt Kyle Schwochow
A-1 Element NCO
C/SSgt Henrey Binzer
A-3 Element Leader
C/TSgt James Dunlop
A-3 Element NCO
C/SSgt Sarah Rash
A-3 Supervisor
C/SSgt Wesley Cobb
C/SSgt Cory Hume
B Flight Commander
C/Capt Travis Sebree
Asst B Flight Commander
C/1st Lt Ryan Cobb
B-1 Element Leader
C/TSgt Anthony Wright
B Flight NCO
Catherine Kiyota
B-1 Element NCO
C/SSgt Michael Harrington
Fucking Genious
C4C Dylan Foley
B-1 Supervisor
C/SSgt Kennedy Patterson
B-2 Element Leader
C/TSgt Ryan Taylor
B-2 Element NCO
C/SSgt Kimberly Hopkin
B-2 Supervisor
C/SSgt Kennedy Patterson
C/SSgt Daniel Adjangba
B-3 Element Leader

C/ TSgt Lisa Warner

B-3 Element NCO

C/ SSgt Alexis Sanchez

B-3 Supervisor

C/ SSgt Alexander Albertson
C/ SSgt Daniel Curry
C/ SSgt Mark Kaminski

C Flight Commander

C/ Capt Nick Krieger

Asst. C Flight Commander

C/ 1st Lt Jacob Highfil

C Flight NCO

C/MSgt Ryan Critchfield

C-1 Element Leader

C/ TSgt Michael Brown

C-1 Element NCO

C/ SSgt Benjamin Castles

C-1 Supervisor

C/ SSgt Greg Hodgkins
C/ SSgt Joseph Truxal
C/ SSgt Elaine Bradford

C-2 Element Leader

C/ TSgt Rachel Reeder

C-2 Element NCO

C/ SSgt Benjamin Baumann

C-2 Supervisor

C/ SSgt Josh Dahlenburg
C/ SSgt Andrew Lankow
C/SSgt Robert Gibson

C-3 Element Leader

C/ TSgt Jeremiah Haynes

C-3 Element NCO

C/ SSgt Scott Wooden

C-3 Supervisor

C/ SSgt Haley Holcombe
C/ SSgt Scott Day

Official Bad-ass
C4C Yeong Hwa Song
B-2 Supervisor

C/ SSgt Kennedy Patterson
C/ SSgt Daniel Adjangba

A-1 Element NCO

C/SSgt Victoria Cachro

Henry Binzer is A-2 Element NCO

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