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Phrasas Verbs Tif II


undefined, object
copy deck
behave or function improperly
act up
give support
back * up +
pass without creating a problem
blow over

suddenly become very angry
blow up
cancel something
call * off +
call on +
speed up to be at the same place as a person or thing in front of you
catch up with +
go to a place to see if everything is OK
check by +
make someone feel cheerful
cheer * up
discover by accident
come across +
come along with +
get, receive
come by +
interrupt someone while they were speaking
cut * off
manage without something one wants or needs
do without +
wear elegant clothes
dress up
Visit someone unexpectedly
drop in
eat * up +
acknowledge something difficult or embarrassing
face up to +
avoid someone or something
get around +
stop (said of a machine)
go off
become angry
go off
examine in detail, study carefully
go through +
put down the telephone receiver
hang up
find on accident
hit on +
delay (a flight, traffic);
hold * up +
continue, persist in (an activity)
keep to +
begin taking effect
kick in
light * up +
observe as a spectator
look on
make * out
complete what was missed
make * up +
share feelings
open up
complete payment on a debt
pay * off +
to bribe
pay * off +
pick * out +
highlight something (inf.)
play * up
park (a vehicle)
pull in
put * off +
have a guest stay in your house for a short time
put * up
research a topic for a reason
read up on +
find or meet unexpectedly
run across +
run * down
make leave
run * off +
arrange (an appointment, a meeting,etc.)
set up +
to explain something in a detailed way so that the meaning is clearly understood
spell * out +
stand for +
return an item to a store
take * back +
take control of
take * over +
report a crime to the police or bad behavior to a parent
tell on +
tie securely
tie * up +
try * out
refuse an offer; reject an application
turn * down +
lower the volume or intensity of a TV, radio, or other machine
turn * down +
switch off a light
turn * out
increase the volume or intensity of a TV, radio, or other machine
turn * up +
not sleep because you are waiting for someone or something
wait up for +
be successful
work out
fall asleep
zonk out
go many places
get around
get off
continue an activity
get on with +
try to achieve

go for +
discuss in detail
go into +
be hot
burn up
to continue talking in an annoying way about something

yak on about +

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