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Functions: coenzyme, energy metabolism, synthesis of DNA, RNA, and NADPH+H+, nerve function
Deficiency: Beriberi
Toxicity: none
Food sources: pork, whole grains, legumes, tuny, soy milk

Vitamin B 1: Thiamin
Function: coenzyme, energy metabolism(redox), metabolism of folate, VA, niacin, VB6, VK, neurotransmitter metabolism
Deficiency: ariboflavinosis
Toxicity: none
Food sources: liver, mushrooms, dairy products, tomatoes, spinach

Vitamin B 2: Riboflavin
Function: coenzyme, energy metabolism(redox), protein synthesis, glucose homeostasis, cholesterol metabolism, DNA repair
Deficiency: pellagra
Toxicity: skin inflammation and flushing
Food sources: liver, fish, meat, tomatoes, mushrooms

Vitamin B 3: Niacin
Functions: coenzyme, energy metabolism, heme synthesis, cholesterol, fatty acid, steroid, and phospholipid synthesis
Deficiency: burning feet syndrome
Toxicity: none
Food sources: liver, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, yogurt, turkey

Vitamin B 5: Pantothenic acid
Functions: coenzyme, Amino acid metabolism, neurotransmitter and hemoglobin synthesis, glycognesis, regulation of steroid hormone function
Deficiency: microcytic hypochromic anemia
Toxicity: none
Food sources: fish, chickpeas, liver, potatoes, ba
Vitamin B 6
Functions: coenzyme, energy metabolism, regulation of gene expression
Deficiency: depression, loss of muscle control, and skin irritations
Toxicity: none
Food sources: peanuts, almonds, mushrooms, egg yolk, tomatoes, avocados

Functions: coenzyme, single-carbon transfers, amino acid metabolism, DNA and RNA synthesis
Deficiency: macrocytic anemia, increased cardiovascular disease risk, increased risk for fetal malformations
Toxicity: neurological problems
Food sources:

functions: coenzyme, homocysteine metabolism, energy metabolism
Deficiency: macrocytic anemia
Toxicity: none
food sources: mollusks, liver, salmon, meat, cottage cheese

Vitamin B 12

functions:antioxidant, "recharging" enzymes, collagen synthesis, tyrosine, neurotransmitter, and hormone synthesis, protection from free radicals
Deficiency: scurvy
Toxicity: gastrointestinal problems
food sources: peppers, papayas, citrus fruits
Vitamin C
functions: phospholipid synthesis, neurotransmitter synthesis
Deficiency: liver damage
Toxicity: fishy body odor
Food sources: eggs, liver, legumes, pork

functions: phospholipid synthesis, neurotransmitter synthesis
Deficiency: muscle weakness, hypoglycemia, heart irregularities
toxicity: none
food sources: meat, eggs, dairy foods


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