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Geo Midterm - Tiffany


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Food sovereignty/security
concept that all countries will provide and sustain their needed food.
Agrarian structure
recently: a shift from a small-scale family owned farm economy to large farms controlled by corporations, which especially have taken over the market for staple foods.
Hybrid variety
technology that arose in Phase I of the Green Revolution in which companies crossbred new varieties of plants to increase productivity.
Consultive Group on International Agriculture Research; during Phase 1; focused on food security, poverty eradication, plus sustainable environment practices.
Genetic erosion
there are fewer crop varieties because few companies decide what is produced.
Genetically modified organism
insertion of certain genes into crops to achieve desired traits; "round-up ready" crops.
the concentration of power in the food system in few corporate buyers but many consumers and producers; Raj Patel.
North American Free Trade Agreement; economic union between Mexico, the US, and Canada (first to mash two wealthy countries with a significantly poorer one) to "liberate" trade between the three nations.
Value added
process of increasing customer value to an original crop or plant by adding features such as canning, drying, processing.
Forest concessions
concessional system for logging: sell rights to forests to private investors and rely on NGOs or private firms for oversight and regulation (Nigeria: oil companies buying land to pump oil).
increasing prices of oil have caused an increase in demand for biofuels, from corn or sugar cane, which in turn increases the demand for those products.

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