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Mr. Horning 3rd 9 Week Exam


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Why was the city of Jerusalem important to Jews and Christians?
Jews - Holy Temple was built there

Christians - Place where Christians believe he was crucified and rose from the dead.

How did the feudal system work in Europe and who was a part of it?
Kings, Lords/Nobles, Knights, Peasants/Serfs

The king would give land to the lords in exchange for loyalty. The lords would rule their manor and give the peasants land to farm in exchange for food. The knights would protect everyone in exchange for land and privileges.

What are some Roman architectural styles that we still see today?
Stadium styles
Bridge styles
Triumphal arch

Over in Europe they still use some Roman aqueducts and roads

Chp 4 -
what was the name of the group that protected and set standards for craftspeople in the Middle Ages?
Merchant Guilds
What is the name of our school?
Alliance Middle School
How did the Bubonic Plague help common people gain power?
The people who survived were able to demand more rights and better pay because there were so few workers left.
Which right found in the Magna Carta is also included in the United States constitution?
Habeas Corpus - this protects people from being thrown in jail unfairly. It says they have to appear before a court and a jury if they are accused of a crime.

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