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Anatomy 7-11


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What are the functions of the respiratory system?
1. Oxygen-Carbon dioxide exchange via inspiration and expiration
2. Maintaining proper acid base balance in the blood
3. Speech production

List 9 glands that are part of the endocrine system.
1. Hypothalamus
2. pituitary
3. pineal
4. thyroid
5. Parathyroid
6. Thymus
7. Suprarenal/adrenals
8. Part of pancreas
9. Parts of ovaries/testes

What is the function of the hormone vasopressin?
Increases the amount of fluid the kidneys absorb.
What are the 3 functions of the thymus gland?
1. Secretes thymosin and thymin.
2. Achieves differentiation of lymphocytes into different classes of T-cells & maintains a supply of them
3. Produces various factors & hormones which regulate lymphocyte production & differentiation activities.

The uterus is divided into 3 main parts. What are they?
1. The body
2. The cervix
3. The fundus

What is the function of the female reproductive system?
Produce ovum and offspring
Name the 4 system parts of the urinary
1. Kidneys
2. Urethra
3. Ureters
4. Bladder

What is the function of the male reproductive system?
Produce sperm and fertilize the ovum
Name one way that having a parasite will affect the body
Stealing the nutrients from our food.
Many people become anemic or weak/fatigued as a result.
What is the function of the neurological system?
Relay information in the form of nerve impulses throughout the body, thereby controlling all of its functions
The neurological system has two main divisions. What are they?
1. The central
2. The peripheral
Explain how parasympathetic stimulation affects the body.
By returning the body to a state of rest and repair.
What is the respiratory defense?
1. Hair
2. Mucous membrane
3. Cilia
4. Macrophages

Where are the kidneys positioned?
Against the posterior abdominal wall
Nerves that run to and from the central nervous system are known as?
Afferent nerves or sensory nerves
The receiving end of a nerve cell is called?
A dendrite
the gap between the receiving end of one nerve cell and the sending end of another nerve cell is called?
A synapse
The autonomic nervous system is divided into 2 separate parts. What are they?
1. The sympathetic
2. The parasympathetic
Describe a person who is vagatonic
Someone who has a stronger parasympathetic nervous system and holds balance in the body. Placid disposition, good digestion, not easily disturbed.
Describe a person who is sympathetic in nature
Someone who has a stronger sympathetic nervous system.
More emotional, less stable and their digestion is more readily disturbed.
What are the principal organs of the respiratory system?
What are the 2 functions of the kidneys?
1. Separate certain waste products from the blood.
2. Help maintain the blood at a constant level of composition
Describe the urethra and its functions
Narrow muscular tube passing from bladder to exterior of body
1. Passage for urine from bladder to exterior of the body
2. Passage for sperm from ejaculatory duct to exterior of the body

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