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Event Midterm


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A Unique Moment in Time Celebrated with Ceremony and Ritual to Satisfy Specific Needs
Special Event
The Primary Activity of the Attendees is to Attend Educational Sessions, Participate in Meetings or Discussions, Socialize, or Attend Other Organized Functions. There May Be a Secondary Exhibit Component
Reward Meeting, Usually of High Quality, in Payment for Achieving Goals
The Primary Activity Of The Attendees Is To Attend Educational Sessions, Participate In Meetings/Discussions, Socialize, Or Attend Other Organized Events. There Is No Exhibit Component To This Event.
An Event At Which Products And Services Are Displayed. The Primary Activity Of Attendees Is Visiting Exhibits On The Show Floor. These Events Focus Primarily On Business-to-business (B2B) Relationships. 2) Display Of Products Or Promotional Material For T
An Exhibition Of Products And/Or Services Held For Members Of A Common Or Related Industry. Not Open To The General Public.
Exhibition That Is Open To The Public, Usually Requiring An Entrance Fee.
Consumer Show
A private event, by invitations only, celebrating or commemorating a cultural, religious, communal, societal, or life-cycle occasion, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events"
Social/Life Cycle Events

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