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Bible- Gospel of John


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What are the synoptic Gospels, and why are they called the synoptic Gospels?
Matthew, Mark, and Luke
They are called the synoptic gospels because they have overlapping stories
How does John differ from the synoptic Gospels?
John contains different stories
How long has John had the title 'John'?
since 125 C.E.
How many books describe the book of John with the title 'John'?
2 closely related documents and 2 historical books.
Outside of the Bible what evidence can be found that John wrote the book of John?
Church of John declared his authorship as early as 155 C.E.
What were some of the fathers of the Church of John and how was the information that John was the author passed down?
John told Polycarp who told Irehaeus, who told Eusebius who wrote it down
how does the Muratorian Canon support Johns authorship, and what is the Muratorian Canon?
The Muratorian Canon is the first Canon of the NT. This canon implies that John would write the Gospel because Andrew had a vision he would
What are the internal evidences that John was the author?
The author was a Jew, who was Palestinian because the author knew the Palestinian topography, the author was an eyewitness, an apostle, and therefore you can narrow it down that he was John.
how do we know he was an eyewitness
The author uses the historical present verb in Greek, writing it because he was there
How many apostles are mentioned in John?
All of the apostles except for John, there is a beloved disciple, and John was closer to Jesus than any of the apostles.
Who was John's Mother?
John's mother was Salome
Who was John's brother? was John the older or younger brother?
John's brother was James and John was the younger brother.
Was John's family rich?
John's family provided for Jesus and had hired servants indictating he was probably wealthy
What are some arguments for a late writing of John?
the Church fathers hold to this date, referenced the Jews as the enemy of Jesus...
Where was John going?

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