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Animals in Latin


undefined, object
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pecus, pecudis
3f; sheep, animal
bestia, bestiae
beast, animal, creature, wild beast
animal, animal-is
3nt; animal, creature, brute
coma, comae
hair; mane of animal; wool, fleece, foliage
belua, beluae
beast, wild animal (inc. sea creatures), monster
feles, felis
faeles, faelis
3f; cat; marten/ferret/polecat/wild cat; seducer, tom-cat, thief
catus, i
cat, wild cat, kind of trout, male cat
gatta, ae
gattus i
canis canis
3m/f dog, subordinate, dog-star
catulus, i
apis, is
apes, is
3f, bee
alvarium, alvari(i)
apiarium, apiarii
beehive, apiary,
asinus, asini
ass, donkey, fool, dolt
accipiter, accipitris
3C; hawk
porcus i
pig, hog
porcillus, i
porcellus, i
piglet, suckling pig
bos, bovis
3C; ox, bull, cow, pl cattle
strix, strigis
3f; screech owl (bird of ill omen); vampire
ulula, ae
tawny owl
noctua, ae
little owl
leunculus, i
small lion
papiolio, papiolionis
3m; butterfly, moth
simia, ae
1C; monkey, ape
cercops, cercopis
3m; long-tailed monkey; money-grubber; inhabitants of Pithecusae changed to monkeys
anguinus a um
of snakes
anguis, is
3C; snake, serpent, dragon
cetus, i
cetos, i
2m/3nt whale, porpoise, dolphin
olor, oloris
3m; swan, constellation Cygnus
cycnus, cycni
swan; (favourable omen); (drawing chariot of Venus)
cervus, i
cervos, i
stag, deer; forked branches

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