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Cambridge Latin Course: Section 4F


undefined, object
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causa ae
reason, case
lictor, lictor-is
3m magistrate's attendant, lictor
salus, salut-is
3f safety
sanguis, sanguin-is
3m blood
testis, testis
3m witness
uerber, verber-is
3nt blow, whip
proximus a um
nearest, next
abicio, abicere, abieci, abiectus
to throw down/ away
accidit, ere, accidit (ut/ ut non + subj.)
it happens (that/that not)
concido, ere, concidi
to fall, collapse, be killed
morior, eri, mortuus
to die, be dying
persuadeo, ere, persuasi
to persuade x (dat) ut/ne +subj. 'that/that ... not', 'to ... /not to'
ad +acc
for the purpose of; towards; at
de +abl
from; down from; about, concerning
'and (that x should) not ...' 'and not to'
furor, furor-is
3m rage fury madness
os, or-is
3nt face mouth
uinclum/uinculum i
chain bond
medius a um
middle (of)
ago, ere, egi, actus
to drive, lead, direct; do act
nudo, are
to strip
perficio, ere, perfeci, perfectus
ut/ut non +subj
to bring it about that/that not; finish, complete, carry out
profugio, ere, profugi
to escape, flee away
non modo ... sed etiam
non solum ... sed etiam
not only ... but also
retraho, ere, retraxi, retractus
to drag back
queror, eri, questus
to complain
crux, cruc-is
3f cross
emineo, ere
to project, stand out
crudelitas, crudelitatis
3f cruelty

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