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6700.13G Management and Procurement of Authorized Medical and Dental Allowance L


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Who establishes the minimum quanity of medical adn dental equipment and consumables that fleet and FMF must maintain?
AMAL'S and ADAL'S (Authorized Medical/Dental allowance lists)
Authorized supplies to support the required operational capabilities of individual units reflects how many days worth?
Who approves stock levels of controlled medicinals above allowance quanities?
Type commanders (TYCOM)
What items are not included in AMAL'S?
Equipment-specific laboratory reagents, mission-specific items and immunization agents.
Who must NAVMEDLOGCOM get approval from on all AMAL and ADAL Changes that impact upon weight, storage requirements, or ship services?
Naval Sea Systems Command
Who may recommend changes to AMAL's and ADAL's?
Any person or activity.
Recomendations to change an AMAL's or ADAL's must include what?
National Stock Number (NSN), description, cost, wieght and cube, quanity, and a full justification.
Who must approve revisions that have a cumulitive cost over $100,000
Who funds AMAL and ADAL material for new construction ships and ships undergoing Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)
Who identifies and procures for NAVSEASYSCOM the initial outfitting material for AMAL'sand ADAL's?
NAVMEDLOGCOM programs the replacement of AMAL and ADAL equipment with an acquisition cost of how much?
$5000 or more
Who has the responsibility for funding and procurement of material not on allowance lists?
The individual activity
Ships OPTAR funds AMAL and ADAL replacement equipment with an acquisition cost of how much?
Less than $5000

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