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Unit 11 Literature Flaschards


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A reference to a work of art, music, literature, or a famous person from history.
antecedent action
Events that take place before the story starts.
blank verse
Verse written in iambic pentameter, but without rhyme.
Purging or cleansing (release) of emotions.
comic foil
A humorous character who, by contrast, helps the audience recognize the distinctive qualities of another character (often the tragic hero).
The parts of a theatrical script that actors speak aloud on stage.
dramatic irony
When there's a difference between what a character thinks to be true and what the audience knows to be true.
Freytag's pyramid
A diagram describing plot.
Miscalculation. Aristotle referred to it as the tendency for a tragic hero to make a serious error in judgment.
iambic pentameter
A ten syllable line of poetry consisting of five pairs of syllables known as iambs. Each pair of syllables has the accent on the second syllable.
stage directions
Instructions in a script regarding the set, lighting, positioning of the actors onstage, costumes, music, and other elements related to a play's performance.
A serious literary work (especially a drama) that presents the downfall of its protagonist.
tragic flaw
The error, misstep, frailty, or flaw that causes the downfall of a tragic hero.
tragic hero
A person neither entirely good nor entirely evil, who is led by some tragic flaw to commit an act that results in suffering and utter defeat.
Adding to.
Remove, cast aside.
Executed with painstaking attention to detail.
A fight.
Worship, admiration.
Causing harm.
Needlessly heavy, sad.
Rude, aggressive people.
The quality of being the best or strongest.

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