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Psych Module 2


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What is a theory?
An explanation using an integrated set of principles that organizes + predicts observations
What is a hypothesis?
A testable prediction often implied by a theory
What is an operational definition?
A statement of procedures used to define research research variables
What is replication?
Repeating the study to see if it leads to other circumstances
How to Psychologists describe behavior?
Case Studies, Surveys, Naturalistic Observation
What is a case study?
A method used to in which one person is studied in great depth
What is a population?
All cases in a group
What is a random sample?
A sample that fairly represents a population
What is naturalistic observation?
Observing and recording behavior in natural occured situations without controlling the situation
What is the third variable problem?
When a 3rd variable may come in to play.
Describe the experiment
An investigator manipulates independent variables to observe the effect of the dependent variables
What is the double blind procedure?
When the participants and the researcher are both "blind" to knowing who received what
Experimental condition vs Controlled condition
Experimental = exposes participants to the treatment
Controlled = used in order to contrast and compare with the experimental group
What is an independent variable?
Experimental factor that is being manipulated and effect is being studied
What is a dependent variable?
Factor that is possibly changed due to the manipulations of the independent variable
What is culture?
Shared ideas and behaviors that generations pass on

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