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World geography vocabulary


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What is Eurasia
The land marks of Europe and Asia combined.
What are Ice breakers
Ships that can break paths through ice.
Title of Emporar of Russia before the Russion Revolution.
Who were soviets
local governing bodies of the Soviet unioin.
what does abdicate mean?
To Resign
What is Bolsheviks?
A communist group that overthrough the government during the Russian revolution in 1917
The main people to settle in what are now Russia, Ukrain, Belarus, and eastern parts of Central and Southern Europe.
What is the Light Industry?
Industry using low weight materials and focusing on the production of consumer goods.
What is the Heavy Industry?
Industry focusing on manufactuing usually based on Metals.
What are Smelters?
Factories that produce medal ores.
What is Chernobyl?
a city in north central Ukraine site of a major nuclear accident in 1986.
What is Taiga?
A forest of mainly evergreen trees that covers half of Russia.

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