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Religion MD Freshman


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What does the Serenity Prayer ask God to help us with?
Accepting the givens in life
Where do we learn that humans are made int he image of God?
Young people should...
feel free to talk about God
Every human being is
Why are human beings longing for happiness?
None of the above
Invidualism can be...
taken to far
How can we be critial of the media?
By questioning it
Who realized that our longings for happiness were satisfied by God?
What is another word for careful thought or meditation?
What is the reality of God as a community of 3 persons?
The cultural drive to acquire more is
Where does our longing for happiness point?
When does puberty begin?
Between 9 and 16
Why are you here on Earth?
God called us to being, random physical events
We are limited in what we can say about god because..
the mystery of God is beyond us

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